Friday, 20 February 2015

Balakandam !! 49. Redemption from Ahalya’s curse !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Aphala: Thu Thatha: Shakro Devan Agni Purogaman |
Abraveeth Thrastha Nayana: Siddha Gandhava Charanan ||
Kurvatha Thapaso Vidhnam Gauthamasya Mahathmana: |
Krodham Uthpadhya Hi Maya Sura Karyam Idham Krutham ||
Aphalo Asmi Krutha: Thena Krodhath Sa Cha Nirakrutha |
Shapa Mokshena Mahatha Thapo Asya Apahrutham Maya ||
Thatha Mama Suravara: Sarva Sa  Rishi Sandhdha: Sa Charana: |
Sura Karya Karam Yooyam Saphalam Karthum Arhatha ||
Sage Vishwamithra continued “Lord Indra who was already weakened by the curse of Sage Gauthama, uttered to the deities, Charanas, Gandharvas in extreme unease that he was infuriated the virtuous Sage and created hindrance to his practice of asceticism for the welfare of deities.  Lord Indra has become infertile and Ahalya, wife of Sage Gauthama was rejected by him due to the curse of Sage, in that way the Sage has emptied the merit of his asceticism by Lord Indra.   Thus, Lord Indra requested the assembled deities, Siddhas and Charanas to make him fertile, because he has worked for the welfare of them.   After listening to him all the deities, celestials, Maruth Ganas, Pithrus appealed to Lord Agni to save Lord Indra from infertility with the help of Pithrus, eventually the thousand eyed Lord Indra’s fertility was restored by them.  Oh! Kakustha, the manes/Pithrus would refuse to accept the productive part of the offerings leaving them to Lord Indra.  Oh! Raghava, Lord Indra was restored with the Mesha Vrushanam with supreme power of Pithrus.  Oh! Rama, you are highly privileged to be in the meritorious hermitage of Sage Gauthama who has performed various righteous deeds and meet the divine and extremely fortunate Ahalya.”  Rama with Lakshmana entered the marvelous hermitage of Sage Gauthama keeping Sage Vishwamithra in front.  Rama witnessed the heavenly form Ahalya who has attained the splendor by her severe austerities, was impossible to stare at her or get closer to her by even the demons, deities or living beings,  the creator has meticulously carved her as an angel was completely covered with fog, as if the full moon is enshroud by the dried leaves and dust, like a mirrored sunshine glowing in the water, she was in the midst of deplorable state, whose limbs are like the blazing fire were concealed and she was rigorously practicing the asceticism  which has the resemblance of ritual fire by consuming air alone.  Ahalya was unobvious to the all the three worlds until the manifestation of Lord Rama.  At the end of the curse, Ahalya was clearly visible into the view of Raghavas, and they gladly touched her feet with reverence.  Remembering the words of Sage Gauthama, Ahalya dutifully received Rama, Lakshmana and Sage Vishwamithra reverentially, offered them with water for Padhyam and Arkhyam with great respect.  The sky showered flowers upon them, the divine drum beats reverberated everywhere, Asparas, Gandharvas and celestials assembled at the hermitage created an atmosphere of celebration.  The deities assembled were offered reverence to Ahalya whose limbs were purified by the practice of austerities performed under the guidance of the illustrious Sage Gauthama, was made reunite the couple after a very long time, Sage Gauthama offered reverence to Rama and proceeded with Ahalya to practice asceticism.  Rama after receiving due respect and honors for his manifestation from Sage Gauthama and proceed to Mithila.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!