Monday, 23 February 2015

Balakandam !! 51. Sage Shathanandha’s description about the legend of Sage Vishwamithra !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Thasya Thatha Vachanam Shruthva Vishwamithrasya Dheematha: |
Hrushta Roma Mahatheja: Shathanandho Mahathapa: ||
Gauthamasya Sutho Jyeshta: Thapasa Dhyothitha Prabha: |
Rama Sandharshanath Yeva Paramam Vismayam Agatha: ||
Saga Shathanandha, the eldest son of Sage Gauthama, who has the effulgence from severe austerities, was extremely happy listening to the prominent Sage Vishwamithra and looked at Rama in high esteem.  Shathanandha watched the two marvelous youths/Nrupathmaja/sons of King Dasaratha dutifully seated next to the Sage,  Shathanandha spoke to Sage Vishwamithra “ Oh! Munishardhoola, you have revealed my mother Ahalya who has accomplished severe austerities/Yashasvani, worshipped Lord Rama who is commendable to venerate by every living beings and the creatures of the forest as well.  You must have explained the ancient legend of ill-treatment of the deity to my revered mother who is superior ascetic.  Oh! Kakustha, at last my mother has re-united with my father and offered venerations to Rama.  Oh! Kaushikathmaja, my father who is a supreme ascetic worshipped Lord Rama for his kindness for the redemption of curse of my mother Ahalya.  Oh! Kaushikathmaja, Rama must have offered obeisance to my father without any ill feelings while his return to the hermitage.  The revered Sage calmly replied to Shathananda “  I have done whatever required at that moment and it was my responsibility to reunite the couple like Renuka and Sage Jamadhagni, from the lineage of Bhrigu.”  Sage Shathananda spoke to Rama “ Oh! Raghava, Oh! Narashreshta, Victory to you, you are the emissary of deities and you are most welcome to the world of humans.  You will remain unconquerable with the guidance of the illustrious Sage Vishwamithra.  There are no words to describe the accomplishments of Brahmarishi Sage Vishwamithra, he is the most glorious one and the provider of peace to everyone.  You are the one and only fortunate to be under the supervision and guidance of the supreme ascetic Sage Vishwamithra, son of  Kushika.  I will narrate you about the prowess and epitome of virtues of the great soul Sage Vishwamithra who was a great ruler for several years wisely ruled his Kingdom for the welfare of his subjects, he was righteous and destroyer of enemies.  There was a King Kusha who was the son of Prajapathi, has a valorous and righteous son Kushanabha.  Gadhi who is prominent to the world was the son of Kushanabha and the illustrious Sage Vishwamithra is the son of Gadhi.  Vishwamithra ruled the Earth for several thousand years, once he went for Parichakrama of Earth with his Akshouhini Sena.  He moved through the various cities and Kingdom, mountains and lakes, ultimately arrived in a marvelous hermitage of Sage Vashishta that was embellished with creepers and various alluring flowers, surrounded by domesticated animals and assembly of  Siddhas, charanas, Deva, Dhanavas, Gandharvas, Kinnaras, Brahmarishis, Devarishis, who were supreme ascetics has the resemblance of ritual fire and they were efficiently engaged in the practice of asceticism, some were managed to survive with water,  others were with air or with leaves,  fruits or vegetables.  Sages Valakhilays were present and the Vaikhasanas were survived only with the perfect control over their senses, these ascetics were engaged in Japa and homa/Yagna and recital of Vedas in the hermitage.  The marvelous hermitage of Sage Vashishta had the resemblance of the abode of Lord Brahma.”  Thus Sage Shathananda narrated the legend of Sage Vishwamithra to Rama and Lakshmana.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!