Sunday, 22 February 2015

Balakandam !! 50. Rama’s arrival in the Kingdom of Mithila !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Thatha: Prak Uththaram Gathva Rama: Soumthrina Saha |
Vishwamithram Puraskruthya Yajjya Vadam Upagamath ||
Rama:  Thu Muni Shardhoolam Uvacha Saha Lakshmana: |
Sadhvi Yajjya Samrudhdhi: Hi Janakasya Mahathman: ||
Bahooni Iha Sahasrani Nana Dhesha Nivasinam |
Brahmananam Mahabhaga Veda Adhyayan Shalinam ||
Rishi Vada: Cha Dhrushyanthey Shakadi Shatha Sankula: |
Dheshey Vidhiyatham Brahman Yathra Vathsyamahey Vayam ||
Rama and Lakshman followed Sage Vishwamithra to northeast direction, ultimately they have arrived on the Yagna arena of King Janaka of Kingdom of Mithila.  Sage Vishwamithra spoke to Rama “The grand Vedic ritual of King Janaka is highly propitious with all the required materials of Vedic ritual in abundance.” Rama answered to Sage Vishwamithra “ Oh! illustrious Sage, there are thousands and thousands of Brahmins from various provinces are assembled here, who are profound in  Vedic practices, there are numerous hermitages of Rishis filled with the carts which is full of materials required for ritual and there are abundance of arrangements have been made for the Brahmins and their stay is completely occupied.”  After listening to Rama, Sage Vishwamithra has arranged a place for their stay that was close to the most refreshing place with crystal clear water.  King Janaka with the family priest Shathanandha hurried to Sage Vishwamithra and offered his humble salutation; even the Rithviks who were the supervisors of Vedic ritual were arrived with the righteous King Janaka to receive Sage Vishwamithra.    King Janaka offered his veneration to Sage Vishwamithra and exchanged their well being and the welfare of sages, Preceptors, members of the assembly and the subjects of Mithila, further Sage Vishwamithra enquired about the proceedings of the Vedic ritual.  King Janaka spoke with folded hands “Oh! Munishreshtey, Bhagavan I earnestly request you to be seated with the prominent saints assembled.”  Sage Vishwamithra took his among the revered sages; King Janaka took seat with his family priest Shathanandha,  Rithiviks and members of the assembly on their respective seats as well.  King Janaka spoke to Sage Vishwamithra “ Oh! Bhagavan, your visit has enriched the Vedic ritual and the deities have fructified the ritual, I have obtained the fruit of the ritual effortlessly by the presence of you.  Oh! Brahman, I am extremely delightful and feeling honored of your arrival in the Yagna arena, along with all those revered sages. It was pronounced by the Rithvik that it will take another twelve days to complete the vow of Vedic ritual, Oh Kaushika it will be appropriate to witness the deities at the conclusion of the Vedic ritual to avow their part of offerings.”  King Janaka with folded palms enquired Sage Vishwamithra “ I would like to hear about the two marvelous youths who are valorous, striding like an  daring elephant, powerful as Vrushabha and Shardhoolam, lotus eyed and fully equipped with great weapons has the resemblance to the splendid Ashwini Kumaras in their charismatic looks and magnificent physique, creating an vision of immortals has taken efforts striding on Earth, leaving their celestial abode and why they are here?.  Oh, Mahamuney, whose sons are these valorous youths adorned in powerful weapons?  They are embellishing this province like Lord Surya and Lord Chandra on the sky simultaneously.  Their physical appearance and bodily manners are similar to each other, though they are fearless but they have the appearance of youngsters.  Their dark colored hair locks reveals the look of wings of the crow.  I wish to know more about them. ” after listening to the words of the virtuous King Janaka, Sage Vishwamithra pronounced that the stunning youths are the sons of King Dasaratha, further explained about their arrival in Siddhashrama and their valorous deeds in annihilation of demons, visit to the splendid city of Vishala, visit to the divine hermitage of Sage Gauthama and reunion of Sage with his wife Ahalya, ultimately their arrival to the city of Mithila to obtain the bow of Lord Shiva/Mahadhanush.  Thus, Sage Vishwamithra narrated the entire incidents to King Janaka and Sage Shathananda, son of Ahalya.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!