Thursday, 30 April 2015

Sundarakandam !! 25. Seetha Vishadha: /Grief of Sita !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Atha Thasam Vadhanthinam Parusham Dharunam Bahu |
Rakshasinamasoumyanam Rurodha Janakathmaja ||
Yevamuktha Thu Vaidhehi Rakshasibhirmanasvini |
Uvacha Paramathrastha Bashpagadhgadhaya Gira ||
Na Manushi  Rakshasasya  Baryabavithumarhathi |
Kamam Khadhatha Mam Sarva  Na Karishyami Vo Vacha : ||
Sa Rakshasimadhyagatha Seetha Surasuthopama |
Na Sharma Lebhey Dhukkartha Ravanena  Cha Tharjjitha ||
Vepathey Smadhikam Seetha Vishanthi Vangamathmana : |
Vane Yaya Paribhrashta Mrugi Kokairivardhitha ||
The virtuous Sita was alarmed after listening to the malicious speeches of the dreadful demons surrounded by her, she continued with tears overflowing. “A woman from human clan is not appropriate to marry a demon, therefore you can eat me at your heart content and I will not heed to your words.”   Sita who is the personification of Goddess was extremely tormented by grief and separation, she was terrified by the demons and Ravana, like an animal separated from its herd was chased by a wolf, she was quivering and emaciated with sorrow.  Gradually, Sita walked near an Ashoka tree with full of flowers, held its branch and immersed in the thought of her husband, her eyes were over flowing with tears, she was pale and trembling with fear, her long single plait of hair moved like a serpent, she was in utter pain and anguish, cried calling out the names “ Oh! Rama, Oh! Lakshmana, Oh! Mother-in-law Kausalya, Oh! Sumithra , I am extremely tormented by the grief of separation from Rama, surrounded by the hideous demons, it is unfortunate to embrace untimely death for a man or woman.  I have not attained any merit, I am in a wretched state and all alone, shortly I will perish like a ferry trapped in storm in the middle of the ocean,  I am in a pathetic state in the the absence of my husband Rama, surrounded by appalling demons like a river bank destroyed by the current of water. I feel to consume toxic poison in the absence of Rama who is virtuous and has beautiful eyes like lotus, has the gait of a lion and pleasant talker.  I might have committed severe sin in previous life to experience these kinds of miseries and grief, I don’t want to live like this anymore, I am not in a position to take away my life because of the dreadful demons all around me.  It is pathetic to live under the control of these demons; I am helpless. ”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!