Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Sundarakandam !! 23. Rakshasipreranam / demons makes the situation more tensed for Seetha !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Ithyukthva  Maithilim Raja Ravana: Shathruravana: |
Sandhishya Cha Thatha: Sarva Rakshasinirjagama: ||
Nishkranthey  Rakshasendra  Thu  Punaranthapuram Gathey |
Rakshasyo Bheemaroopastha: Seetham Samabhidhruvu: ||
Thatha: Seetha Upagamya Rakshasya: Krodhamoorchitha: |
Param Parushaya Vacha Vaidhehim Idhamabravan ||
Poulasthasya Varishtasya Ravanasya Mahathmana: |
Dhashagreevasya Bharyathvam Seethey Na Bahumanyasey ||
Thathasva Yekajada Nama Rakshasi Vakyamabraveeth |
Amanthraya Krodhathamrakshi Seetham Karathalodharim ||
Prajapathi Namashannam Thu Chathurya Ya: Prajapathi: |
Manaso Brahmana: Puthra: Pulasthya Ithi Vishrutha: ||
Pulasthyasya Thu Thejasvi Maharshir Manasa: Sutha: |
Namna  Sa Vishrava Nama Prajapathi Samaprabha: ||
Thasya Puthro Vishalakshi Ravana: Shathruravana: |
Thasya Thvam Rakshasendhrasya Bharya Bhavithumarhasi ||
Mayoktham Charusarvangi Vakyam Kim Namamanyasey |
King Ravana fanned the flames of Sita, he ordered the demons assembled and returned to his palace chamber.  Immediately all those dreadful demons rushed to Sita, one of the demons swooned with anger and lashed out in anger “Oh! Seethey, you are not aware of the fortune in becoming wife of Ravana who is born in the family of Pulasthya, best among men, virtuous soul with ten heads.”  Another demon Ekajada angrily spoke “  Pulasthya is the son of Lord Brahma, he is born from the mind of Lord Brahma, prominent among the six Prajapathis.  Vishravass, who was born from the mind of Sage Pulasthya, has the radiance of Lord Brahma.  Oh! Vishalakshi,/Lady with wide beautiful eyes, Ravana is the conqueror of enemies and you are well suited to become his wife.  Oh! Charusarvangi/Lady with beautiful limbs, why don’t you listen to my words?”  Another demon Harijata, who has the eyes of cat, annoyingly spoke “You are well suited to become the wife of Ravana, King of demons who has conquered thirty three deities and King of deities.”  Thereafter appeared Praghasa in extreme fury and threatened Sita “ Do you have any good reason to refuse Ravana as your husband, who is proud of his prowess and conqueror of enemies?  This mighty Ravana will abandon all those respectable wives for you and you will be fortunate one to obtain him.  Moreover, you can acquire all those richness and luxuries in the Palace of Ravana along with thousands of women.”  Another demon Vikata spoke “ Ravana who has conquered the deities, Nagas,  Gandharvas and Dhanavas various times in the battle, has come forward to accept you as his wife.  Oh! Adhamey, Why don’t you accept the wifehood of Ravana who is a great soul, Lord of demons and an ideal husband for you?”  Another demon Dhurmukhi spoke “  Oh! Symathapangey,/Lady with concerned eyes,  you are unreasonably scared of Ravana who is like Lord Aditya, but refuse to consume by heat, he is like a wind but does not carry away.  Oh! Subhru/Lady with beautiful eyebrows, why you are not willing to accept Ravana, King of demons at whose command the trees sincerely shower its flowers, mountains and clouds pour rainfall?  Oh! Susmithey,/Lady with attractive smile, Oh! Princess, kindly understands the true and sweet words spoken to you already.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!