Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Sundarakandam !! 24. Rakshasi Tharjjanam /Sita’s reply to demons !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Thatha: Seethamupagamya Rakshasyo Vikruthanana: |
Parusham Parushanartha Uchustham Vakyamapriyam ||
Kim Thvamantha: Purey Seethey Sarvaboothamanoharey |
Maharhashayanopethey Na Vasamanumanyasey ||
Manushi Manushasthaiva Bharyarthvam Bahumanyasey |
Prathyahara  Mano  Raman Thvam Jathu Bavishyasi ||
Thrailokyavasu Bhoktharam Ravanam Rakshaseshwaram |
Bhartharam Upasangamya Viharaswa Yathasukham ||
Manushi Manusham  Tham Thu  Ramamicchasi Shobhaney |
Rajyadhbrashtamasiddhartham Viklabam Thvamanindhithey ||
One of the demons with crooked eyes approached Sita and spoke to her angrily “Oh! Seethey, Why you are not willing to live in the palace of Ravana which is extremely pleasing to everyone with luxurious couches? You belong to human clan that is the reason you are highly praising about wifehood of a human, abandon the thoughts about Rama from your heart and mind, otherwise you will not be alive.  Accept Ravana, King of demons as your husband and sport according to your will, enjoy all those luxuries of three worlds.  Oh! Shobhane,/Lady with beautiful appearances, Oh! Anindhithey/ flawless woman, you are still longing for Rama who is exiled from his Kingdom, distressed and unsuccessful.” Sita replied with tears overflowing, after listening to the heart breaking words of demons, “All of you are speaking unkind and unjustifiable words in this matter, don’t you feel it is sinful?  A woman from a human clan cannot become wife of a demon.  I will not listen to any of your words; all of you can eat me at your heart content.  I am thoroughly devoted to my husband, though he is in a wretched state without Kingdom.  He is my master; I am fond of him, like Suvarchala to Lord Aditya, Sacchi to Lord Indra, Arundhathi to Sage Vashishta, Rohini to Lord Chandra, Lopamudhra to Sage Agastya, Sukanya to Sage Chyavana, Savithri to Sthyavantha, Srimathi to Sage Kapila, Madhayanthi to Sage Saudasa, Keshini to Sagara, Dhamayanthi to Emperor Nala, in the same manner I am also dedicated to my husband Rama of Ikshvaku Dynasty.” The demons who were already commanded by Ravana were in a state of extreme rage, frightened her with harsh words; Hanuman was thoroughly observing the scene through the cluster of leaves of Shimshupa tree.  Sita was completely besieged with fear, was surrounded by dreadful demons with axes, greedily licking their lips for human flesh, angrily spoke “This woman is not suited to become wife of King of demons.”  Sita with beautiful appearances, with tears all over her face rushed under the Shimshupa tree and settled, all those dreadful demons surrounded her.  She was inconsolable in murky clothes, threatened by the demons from all around.  Shortly, Vinatha demon with horrific appearance haughtily spoke “Oh! Sithey, It is sufficient to show extreme fondness to your husband.  Oh! Bhadre/ Lady with auspiciousness, overdoing of goodness will not contribute any reward.  You have performed the duty of human very well; it is the time to follow our words and accept Ravana as your husband, he is charismatic, Lord of demons, like Indra to deities.  Oh! Vaidhehi, leave your miserable husband Rama and take refuge in Ravana, decorate yourself in best clothes and finest jewels and become the mistress of Ravana like Swaha to Lord Agni and Sacchi to Lord Indra.   It is worthless to remain in the association of Rama who is powerless and miserable.  If you don’t follow our words, it is definite that we will eat you.”  Another demon Vikata with hanging bosom and raising fists, approached Sita in a fury, “ Oh! Maithili, evil minded, we have put up with all your unpleasant words due to sympathy towards you, Oh! Maithili, you have brought to this place which is unreachable for others, you are in the prison of Ravana which is well secured by us, and even Lord Indra cannot protect you from this palace of Ravana.  Therefore, follow my words carefully for the benefit of you; leave your gloominess and tears.  Oh! Seethey, keep yourself happy and sport with Ravana according to your will, leave this cheerlessness.  Oh! Bhiru/ Timid one, youth of a woman are not long lasting, embrace the comfort and enjoy your youth as long as possible.  Oh! Madhirekshaney/Lady with fascinating eyes, you find immense pleasure in roaming with the King of demons in the beautiful woods and mountains.  Oh! Sundari, if you accept Ravana as your husband, you can have seven thousand women under your control.  Oh! Maithili, if you do not follow my words, I will rip off your heart and eat it.”  Another demon Chandodhari of dreadful appearances with a spike approached Sita “Seeing this beautiful woman with the eyes of deer and attractive physique abducted by Ravana, rouse my desire to eat every part of her organs.”  Praghasa roared “Why do we wait, squeeze the neck of this cruel woman and inform the King that the she died, he will order us to eat her mortal coil.”  Another demon Ajamukhi declared “After killing this woman, we will share the flesh equally.  I don’t like any quarrels and we consume the flesh along with the drinks of various types.”  Instantly, Shoorpanakha spoke “I agree with Ajamukhi, intoxicated drinks are the destroyer of sorrows, we will dance and consume the flesh after propitiating Nikumbila.”  Sita who is the personification of Goddess was completely besieged by terror and anguish after listening to the heart breaking speeches of demons.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!