Monday, 27 April 2015

Sundarakanam !! 21. Ravana Thiraskaranam / Sita’s advice to Ravana !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Thasya Thadh Vachanam Shruthva Seetha Roudrasya Rakshasa: |
Artha Deenaswara Dheenam Prathyuvacha Thatha: Shanai: ||
Dhukkartha Rudhathi Seetha Vepamana Thapasvini |
Chinthayanthi Vararoha Pathimeva Pathivratha ||
Thrunamantharatha: Kruthva Prathyuvacha Shuchismitha |
Nivarthaya Mano Maththa: Svajane Kriyatham Mana: ||
Na Mam Prarthayithum Yuktham Susiddhimiva Papakrutha |
Akaryam Na Maya Karyamekapathnya Vigarhitham ||
Kulam Samprapthaya Punyam Kulae Mahitha Jathaya |
Yevamukthva Thu Vaidhehi Ravanam Tham Yashasvini ||
Sita, virtuous and chaste wife of Rama, torment with extreme grief at the separation from her husband was inconsolable, wept bitterly after listening to the malicious words of Ravana, she placed a grass   before Ravana and began to speak faintly “ Oh! Nishachara, It is not appropriate for me to curse a sinner, don’t let your mind wander on me and keep your heart and mind with your wives.  I belong to a glorious family and married, I should not commit any deeds which blemish the grandeur of my family.  I am a wife of another person and sincerely devoted to my husband; I undergo severe austerities and will not be a suitable wife for you, behave yourself.  Oh! Nishachara, the way your wives are remains protected, in the same manner others wives are to be protected and remain yourself as an ideal husband to your wives.  Oh! Nishachara, a person who is not satisfied in his wife, fickle minded with disturbed senses, immoral person will face humiliation from others wives.  Is this city of Lanka has no virtuous people? Or you are not willing to follow any righteous deeds? Or it must be your character devoid of customs and traditions.  You are not following any righteous act; your mind is wandering in the worlds of illusion and it is certain that it will lead the complete annihilation of demons.   A person who has uncontrollable senses, engaged in immoral acts will be destroyed, even though he is a ruler of wealthy cities.  The glorious city of Lanka with full of auspicious things will be destroyed shortly because of your immoral act.  Oh! Nishachara, your destruction due to your immortal act and sinful deeds will provide happiness to others, seeing the ruin of you the people whoever humiliated by you will express their joy and they will be grateful to Almighty.  I will not get tempted to your wealth or fame; I am inseparable from Raghava like sunshine from Lord Aditya.  I have accustomed with the powerful arms of venerable Raghava, how can I get used to others?  I am an unblemished wife of Rama, who is Lord of Earth, like intellect Brahmin who is prominent in religious vow.  Oh! Ravana, let me be with Rama, like a female elephant with male companion in the woods.  Oh! Ravana, listen to my advice be a close associate of Rama, if you don’t wish for an awful death in the hands of Rama who is best among the men, he is righteous and assure protection to whoever surrenders to him.  If you wish to live long, remain yourself as a companion of Rama.  If you seek kindness of Rama, you have to send me back to him; in this way you will be fortunate, otherwise you have to face terrible death in his hands.  The Vajrayudha of Lord Indra may spare you for some time; Lord Yama may spare you but Lord of Earth Rama will not spare you, once he gets frenzy.  Soon you will hear the deafening noise of bow of Rama, like the Vajrayudha of Lord Indra.  The city of Lanka will see the powerful and fierce arrows which possesses the characteristics of Rama and Lakshmana, soon the whole city of Lanka will be crammed with the powerful arrows of Rama, eventually cause the total destructions of demons.  Rama will destroy the horrific demons like Vainatheya pick up the serpents.  My husband, destroyer of enemies will liberates me, like Lord Vishnu took three strides to recover the glories of deities from demons.  Oh! Nishachara, numerous demons were killed in Janasthana and it became the land of dead bodies, Oh! Adhama, you have abducted me from the hermitage in the absence of virtuous brothers, you are not courageous enough to stand before the powerful Rama and Lakshmana, enmity towards them would be like exposing yourself before mighty Vruththasura who has powerful arms like Lord Indra.  The fierce arrows of Rama and Lakshmana will take away your life like Lord Aditya dries up the shallow water; it is definite that you will not be freed from Rama, even if you approach Lord Kubera or Lord Varuna for protection.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!