Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Sundarakandam !! 22. Avadhividhanam / The verdict of Ravana !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Seethaya Vachanam Shruthva Parusham Rakshaseshwara: |
Prathyuvacha Thatha: Seetham  Vipriyam Priyadharshanam ||
Yaya Yaya Santhvayitha Vashya: Sthrinam Thatha Thatha |
Yaya Yaya Priyamvaktha Paribhusthatha Thaha ||
Samniyacchathi Mey Krodham Thvayi Kama: Samuthyatha: |
Dhravathomargamasadhya Hayaniva Susarathi: ||
Vama:  Kamo Manushyanam Yasminkila Nibhadhyathey |
Jane Thasmisthanukrosha: Sneheshcha Kilajayathey ||
Yethasmathkarananna Thvam Dhathayami Varananey |
Vadharhamavamanarha Mithyapravrajithey Ratham ||
Parushaniha Vakyani Yani Yani Brahveeshimam |
Theshu Theshu Vadho Yukthasthava Maithili Dharuna: ||
Ravana was extremely annoyed by the harsh words of Sita, haughtily replied “I was conversing in gentle manner to bring you under control, but you have rejected all my words.  My desire for you has subdued my anger like an excellent charioteer chasing to get hold of a horse running through a difficult alley.  I am completely tied up with boundless desires, compassion and fondness towards you.  Oh! Varanane/Lady with attractive face, you are appropriate to be killed or humiliate because of your affection towards Rama who was exiled from his Kingdom, but I am not going to kill you.  Oh! Maithili, you are suitable to get punished for all those harsh words poured on me and you are apt to be killed.  Oh! Varavarnini/Lady with beautiful complexion,  I will spare you for another two months, after that you will be in my bed, if you are not willing to accept me as your husband, you will be put to death and serve as breakfast to me.” The young maidens of deities and Gandharvas assembled were grieved over the frightened appearance of Sita who was threatened by Ravana.  Some of the young maidens comforted Sita with the movement of their eyes, lips and faces.  Sita regained courage and began to speak beneficial words to Ravana “Oh! Rakshasadhama, there is no one to prevent you from the atrocities, because none has the desire for your welfare.  You are the one who desired for the virtuous wife of Rama in the three worlds, like Sacchi wife of Lord Indra.  Oh! Rakshasadhama, you cannot remain safe for all those sinful words poured on wife of resplendent Rama who is like an elephant in a rut and you are like a hare in the water.  You are an unashamed creature to abuse Rama of Ikshvaku dynasty and you are not even aware of him.  Oh! Anarya, I wonder how cruel and wicked are those black and red colored eyes of you which are encircling me, and they are not falling apart yet? Why that tongue which speaks ill about wife of righteous Rama and daughter-in-law of Dhasharatha is not getting slipped away?  Oh! Dhashagrivah, you are deserved to burn into ashes, I have no authority to do that without the instruction of Rama, and moreover I don’t want to cause any harm to my austerities and glories by doing that.  Initially, you are not capable to abduct me, wife of wise Rama; all that had happened were the pre-preplanned actions for the destruction of you.  Why did you abduct me in the absence of two virtuous brothers, although you have possessed huge army of Lord Kubera?” Ravana who was equal to black cloud, has well-built shoulders and neck,  gait of a lion with powerful tongue and radiant eyes, readjusting the crown, decked in attractive ornaments and garlands, turned back and looked at Sita in an agitation after listening to her harsh speech.   In the early hours of dawn, the King of demon shone with powerful shoulders and gem studded earrings, had the resemblance of Mount Mandara with its peaks crammed with Ashoka trees and flowers, like a Kalpavruksha he was the personification of spring season, whatever decorations made to a burial ground would remain appalling at the end.  Ravana was in an extreme fury, his eyes were red, and he was hissing like a serpent, began to speak in a haughty voice “Oh! Anuvrathey,/Follower of Rama, who possess no glories or wealth, I will destroy you like the sun rays at time of crack of dawn.” Further he ordered the dreadful demons gathered such as Yekakshi, Yekakarni, Karnapravarani, Gokarni, Hasthikarni, Lambakarni, Akarni, Hasthipadha, Ashwapadha, Gopadhi, Prithupadhim, Athimathrashirogrivaha, Athimathrakuchodhari, Athimathrasyanethram, Dheergajviham, Ajivhika, Anasika, Simhamukhi, Gomukhi, Sukaramukhi etc… “ Oh! Rakshasya, Janaki, daughter of King Janaka should be under my control at the earliest and you all should strictly follow my order and bring Vaidhehi under my control by force, or sweet talk or compassionate words, or by providing gifts, or by execution of  severe punishments.”  One of the demons Dhanyamalini came forward and embraced Ravana who was in an extreme rage and spoke “Oh! Maharaja, Rakshaseswara, sport with me, Sita is a wretched woman with no emotions.  It is definite that Lord Brahma did not disperse her for taking immense pleasure in the luxuries earned by the might of your arms,  pleasure derives out of the unison of the desired couple otherwise it will cause throbbing pain.”  In this way, Dhanyamalini laughingly commented and accompanied Ravana who is equivalent to dark cloud.  Ravana walked away shaking the Earth violently, leaving virtuous Sita in a state of utter dismay and anguish, he entered in his palace chamber accompanied by the young maidens of deities, Naga and Gandharva.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!