Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Balakandam !! 32. Sage Vishwamithra narrates the legend of Kusha Dynasty !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Brahma Yonir Mahan Aseeth Kusho Nama Mahathapa: |
Aklishta Vratha Dharmascha : Sajjana Prathi Pujaka: ||
Sa Mahathma Kulinayam Yukthayam Sumahabalan |
Vaidharbhyam Janayam Asa Chathura: Sadhrushan Suthan ||
Kushambam Kushanabham Cha Asutharajasam Vasum |
Dipthi Yukthan Mahothsahan Kshathradharma Chikirshaya ||
Than Uvacha Kusha: Puthran Dharmishtan Sathyavadhina: |
Kriyatham Palanam Puthra Dharma Prapyaya Pushkalam ||
Sage Vishwamithra narrates “There was a righteous King Kusha, Manasaputhra of Lord Brahma was a great ascetic, virtuous and impeccable follower of the rules of ritual and vow.  King Kusha was married to the princess of Vidharbha.  This pious couple had four mighty children, Kusumba, Kushanabha, Asurtharajasa/Adhurtharajasa and Vasu.  They were righteous, virtuous, intelligent and highly enthusiastic.    King Kusha was desired his children to uphold the principles of Kshatriyas and entitled them with four cities to establish their own regime.  The brilliant Kushamba built the city of Kaushambi, the virtuous Kushanabha built the city Mahodhaya, the noble minded Asurtharajasa and Vasu built the cities named Dharmaranya and Girivraja respectively.  We are presently on the marvelous land surrounded by five high mountains was created by the virtuous King Vasu.  The five mountain ranges are encircled by the stunning river Magadhi which originates from the Magadha province gives out the resemblances of garlands around them.  River Magadhi abundantly contributes for the development of farm lands in the Kingdom of King Vasu, ultimately confluence with river Ganga on the eastern side.  The virtuous and ascetic King Kushanabha and his gorgeous celestial wife Ghritachi gave birth to hundred daughters.  The daughters of King Kushanabha and Ghritachi were grown into beautiful young maiden.  One rainy day, these hundred daughters of unparalleled beauty of King Kushanabha went to explore the garden near the ocean, they blissfully moved through the woods dancing and singing like hundred streaks of lightning, they shone like stars amidst the woodland.  Lord Vayu witnessed the incomparable beauty of these hundred girls and desired to marry them.  He advised them to become his wife and attain the longevity and divinity like him.  The daughters of King Kushanabha were not enthused and laughed at the proposal of Lord Vayu, though they were aware of the divinity and all pervading nature of Lord Vayu.  Furthermore, they haughtily spoke about their ascetic values which are capable to overthrow him from his realm.  They revealed their high opinion about their father the virtuous King Kushanabha, who is their supreme God and also stated that they never look for their bridegroom without the consent of their father.  They were persistent that they accept any bride groom as their husband to whom their father offers their hand.  Lord Vayu was dejected and infuriated at the impish nature of the girls; he angrily blew the air at the girls to disfigure them.  Eventually, the hundred daughters of King Kushanabha returned completely disfigured and in utter shame to the palace.   King Kushanabha was alarmed at the pathetic state of his lovely daughters.  He poured with various queries to his daughters and patiently waited for their answers.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!