Thursday, 16 October 2014

Balakandam !! 37. Legend of Karthikeya !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Yena Senapathi: Deva Dhaththo Bhagavatha Pura |
Sa Thapa: Paramam Asyaya Thapyathey Sma Saha Umaya ||
Yath Athra Antharam Karyam Lokanam Hithakayaya |
Samvidhasthva Vidhananjya Thvam Hi Na: Parama Gathi: ||
Jyeshta Shailendhra Dhuhitha Manaishyathi Tham Sutham |
Umaya: Thath Bahumatham Bhavishyathi Na Samshaya: ||
The illustrious sage Vishwamithra continued “Lord Shiva proceeded to undergo austerities, Lord Indra, Lord Agni and the deities who desired for a Chief – Commandant of the army of Celestials arrived before Lord Brahma.   The deities prostrated before Lord Brahma and spoke “Oh! Supreme Lord Brahma, we are extremely blissful at the arrival of Chief – Commandant of army of Celestials offered by Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma who were immersed in supreme asceticism.  Oh! Lord, we earnestly pray to instruct us about the further procedures for the welfare of the Universe.”  Lord Brahma was pleased at the deities and said “The curse of Goddess Uma about the progeny from your wives is unalterable and it is true and definite.  Therefore Lord Agni can leave the effulgence with sublime Akasha Ganga, the elder daughter of Mount Himavan, she will graciously accept the effulgence, the offspring of Goddess Uma and certainly it will provide immense happiness to Goddess Uma as well.” Oh! Rama, delight of Raghu dynasties, after listening to the words of Lord Brahma, all the deities were elated and parted their ways.  While moving through the flourished Mount Kailash, the deities instructed Lord Agni to release the effulgence of Lord Shiva on the sublime river Ganga.  Lord Agni appealed to Ganga to bear the effulgence of Lord Shiva as desired by the deities, Ganga assumed her enthralling celestial form and graciously revealed her inefficiency to carry the effulgent embryo of the divine couple, she anxiously reiterated the miserable state of Lord Agni, who consumes oblations on the fire sacrifices and asked him to leave the embryo at the proximity of Himalayan Mountain.  River Ganga carried the brilliant embryo and released from her channel, eventually the refulgent embryo has the resemblance of molten gold landed on Earth.  Oh! Raghava, the marvelous embryo gave out a unique radiance that was the combination of various chemical elements, entire part of the Himalaya Mountain appeared magnificent with the luminous and all that reed, trees and mountain appeared in dazzling gold, Lord Agni who was known as Jatharoopa, deposited the fully developed embryo was turned into a stunning boy child.  Lord Indra and Lord Vayu have made arrangements for the Krithika, the young maidens to nurture the child, were extremely happy at the sight of the new born.  All the deities eulogized that the child will be famously known as Karthikeya/Skandha.  The six faced Karthikeya was nurtured by the six Krithika stars with their milk that incessantly flowing from their breasts.  In due course of time, Karthikeya grown into a young adult, attained triumph over the demons, eventully the deities under the leadership of Lord Agni proclaimed that Skandha as the Chief – commandant of the army of the celestials. Oh! Rama, I have briefly narrated the legend of Ganga and the divine legend of appearance of Kumara/Skandha as well. Oh!  Rama, whoever venerates Skandha would attain longevity with sons and grandsons and all material well-being, ultimately attain the abode of Lord Skandha.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!