Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Balakandam !! 36. The legend of Goddess Uma and birth of Karthikeya !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Pura Rama Udhavaha: Shithi Kando Maha Thapa: |
Dhrushtva Cha Bhagavan Devim Maithunaya Upachakramey ||
Thasya Rasakreeda Manasya Mahadevasya Dheematha: |
Shithikandasya Devasya Divyam Varsha Shatham Gatham ||
Na Cha Api Thanayo Rama Thasyam Aseeth Paramthapa: |
Sarva Deva: Samudhyuktha: Pithamaha Purogama: ||
Yatha Iha Uthpadhyathey Bhootham Ka: Thath Prathisahishyathi |
The illustrious Sage Vishwamithra described the legend of the daughters of Himavan to Raghavas, Rama spoke “ Oh! Revered Brahman, the marvelous legend of Goddess Ganga is a comprehensive myth of righteousness and it is appropriate to describe passionately about the divine legend of daughter of Himavan.   What was the reason for river Ganga streamed into three watercourses? Oh! Virtuous soul, why did river Ganga was celebrated as the most sacred river on Earth? ” The ascetic Sage Vishwamithra elaborately narrated the legend of Ganga to Kakusthas and the sages assembled.
Oh! Rama, Goddess Uma was married to blue throated Lord Shiva who was swallowed the venomous poison while churning the milky ocean.   This divine couple immersed in prolonged Yogic act of copulation for more than hundred years, the deities were anxious and approached Lord Brahma and revealed their concern about the after effect of the prolonged Yogic act of copulation/Mahamaithuna, and worried about who will the preserve the life which emerges from the union of Goddess Uma and Lord Shiva, soon they prepared to protect the same.  All the deities approached Lord Shiva, who is Lord of Lords, always desires for the welfare of the Universe, and requested to bestow grace on them.  All the deities spoke “ Oh! Surothama, the worlds cannot possibly bear your offspring born from your brilliance, hence we earnestly pray to practice Yogic asceticism and Vedic postulates of Yoga rather than the act of creation of living being with your consort Goddess Uma.  We all desires to preserve the refulgent within you for the welfare of the Universe,” after listening to the appeal of the deities Lord Maheshwara  said “ I have decided to retain the brilliance with me and Goddess Uma as well, the brilliance has already stimulated  and it is impossible to hold back,  name who could bear the supreme power or the Earth will preserve the effulgence from now onwards.”  Thus the brilliance of Lord Shiva, the Supreme Lord of Yoga released was widespread across the Earth, mountains and woodlands.  The deities instructed Lord Agni and Lord Vayu to consume the brilliance before it annihilates the Earth, but when Lord Agni approached the brilliance turned into snow covered beautiful mountain full of divine woods of reeds/Sharavanam and there appeared the most radiant Karthikeya.  The deities and Rishis were ecstatic at the outcome and eulogized Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma.  Oh! Rama, unfortunately Goddess Uma was extremely displeased at the outcome, in a state of rage she cursed the deities for their intervention during her pleasurable moment with Lord Shiva and her desire to have a son from the divine union.  Goddess Uma cursed the deities to turn incompetent to have progeny from their wives; therefore their wives would remain childless all through their life.  She cursed Earth to appear bizarre and has to become wives to various deities and the child born to her would bring no pleasure in her life.  Lord Shiva was distressed at the turn of events, and find difficulty in pacifying Goddess Uma, eventually proceeded to Western Ghats which was the province of Lord Varuna.  The divine couple arrived on the northern parts of Himalays and settled on the highest peak of Himalayas.  Oh! Rama I have elaborately narrated the legend of Goddess Uma, daughter of Himavan to you, listen carefully with Lakshman I will describe the emergence of Ganga.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!