Saturday, 18 October 2014

Balakandam !! 38. The legend of Emperor Sagara !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Ayodhyadhipathi: Shashura: Purvamasin Naradhipa:|
Sagaro Nama Dharmathma Prajakamassa Chapraja: ||
Vaidharma Dhuhitha Rama Kesini NamaNamatha:|
Jyeshta Sagara Pathni Sa Dharmishta Sathyavadhini ||
Arishtanemirdhuhitha Rupena  Prathima Bhuvi |
Dhvithiya Sagarasyasithpathni Sumati Sanjitha ||
Thabhyam  Saha Maharaja: Patnibhyam Thapthavamsthapa: |
Himavantham Samasadhya Bhruguprasravano Girou ||
The illustrious Sage Vishwamithra, virtuous son of Kaushika narrates “There was a righteous King Sagara, ruler of Ayodhya.  He had no offspring for quite some time and desired for progeny.  Kesini, daughter of King of Vidharbha was pious and truthful was the elder wife of King Sagara.  Sumati, daughter of King Arishtanemi was the most attractive women; matchless beauty on Earth was the second wife of King Sagara.  The King with his wives arrived on the Himalayan Mountain, settled at the mountain ranges of Bhriguprasravana and underwent severe austerities for hundred years.  Sage Bhrigu was pleased at the austerities of King Sagara and his wives, offered them boon to attain a virtuous progeny and prophesied that King Sagara will acquire unparalleled fame in this world.  According to the boon, one wife will beget a son who will perpetuate the race of King Sagara and the other wife will beget sixty thousand sons as their offspring, both the wives of King Sagara were jubilant at the prediction of Sage Brighu and earnestly requested the Sage about which one will beget one and who will beget sixty thousand sons.  But Sage Brighu made an exceptional comment that the availability of progeny would be according to the free will, eventually Kesini had chosen for a son who possess mighty strength endowed with fame and perseverance, capable to perpetuate the race of Kakustha.  Sumati, sister of Suparna/Garuda had chosen sixty thousand sons endowed with might, perseverance and fame.  King Sagara and his wives reverentially greeted Sage Brighu and returned to their capital Ayodhya.  In due course of time, King Sagara’s wives conceived with their child, Kesini gave birth to Asamanjasa and Sumati gave birth to a mass of flesh like fetus, eventually it burst open and sixty thousand children emerged out of it.  These children were fostered by preserving in clarified butter; in the long run all these children were attained adulthood and turned into handsome young youth.  Asamanjasa found immense pleasure in evil acts, he get hold of the children and throw them into brimming river Sarayu and rejoice over his atrocious acts, in this way he continued perturbing the citizens was banished from the city by King Sagara.   Anshuman, son of Asamanjasa was courteous and valorous.  After several years, King Sagara had a thought to perform sacrifice, shortly a grand Yagna was organized, King Sagara who is proficient in Veda along with the Vedic scholars and priests the initial procedures of Yagna were begun.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!