Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Balakandam !! 33. The legend of Brahmadatta !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Vayu: Sarvathmako Rajan Pradharshayithum Icchathi |
Ashubham Margam Asthaya Na Dharmam Prathyavekshathey ||
Pithrumathya: Sma Bhadhram They  Swacchandhey Na Vayam Sthitha: |
Pitharam No Vrinishva Thvam Yadhi No Dasyathey Thava ||
Thena Papa Anubandhena Vachanam Na Prathi Icchatha |
Yevam Bruvamthya: Sarva: Sma Vayuna Abhihatha  Brisham ||
Maharishi Vishwamithra continued “The hundred daughters of King Kushanabha prostrated before their father and described the incident happened and the misdemeanor of Lord Vayu in response to their virtuous conduct and unwillingness to follow his desire.  The virtuous King Kushanabha after listening to his hundred daughters replied that it is the responsibility of the honorable to forgive; he appreciated them for pardoning Lord Vayu and in that way keeping the esteem of their family.
Alankaro Hi Narinam Kshama Thu Purushasya Va |
Dushkaram Thatha Cha Vai Kshantham Thridhasheshu Visheshatha: ||
Yadhrishi: Va: Kshama Puvya: Sarvasam Avisheshatha: |
King Kushanabha highly praised his daughters saying that ‘Forgiveness’ is one of the precious jewels for the women and men as well, especially to respect divine personality like Lord Vayu.  Once again King Kushanabha admired his daughters who have possessed abundance of virtues.  He commended that grace is selflessness and grace is righteousness, it is the glory and the virtue as well, he commented that the ultimate truth is that the entire Universe is surviving due to the existence graciousness alone.  In this way, King Kushanabha pacified his daughters.  Later, King Kushanabha who has possessed commendable valor and virtues that matches the divine personalities went to discuss with the ministers of assembly about various issues like how to find a suitable match for his daughters? When the marriage shall take place? How to protect his daughters? And to whom they should be married to?  At this moment, there appeared Sage Chuli who is proficient in Hathayoga, underwent severe austerities according to the Vedic procedures.  There was a celestial Apsara Somadha, daughter of celestial Apsara Urvashi was served Sage Chuli while he was undergoing severe austerities.  She was righteous and sincerely served Sage Chuli, ultimately Sage Chuli was satisfied at her devotedness and offered her a boon.  Somadha was well aware of the ascetic practices of Sage chuli and highly admired the Sage who was profound in Vedas, she mellifluously requested for a boon to have a child from him, the moment he unites with the Brahmam.  So that the child born to the couple would be well versed in Vedas and enriched with all those righteousness and spiritual fervor like his father.  Further, she earnestly prayed Sage Chuli that she is unmarried and lived under his shelter, requested him to provide her with a child enriched with spiritual fervor.  Eventually, Sage Chuli offered her with a unique child/Manasaputhra like Brahma and named him Brahmadatta.  Later, Brahmadatta became the ruler of the province Kampilya and wisely ruled his Kingdom like Lord Indra.  The moment Sage Chuli arrived; King Kushanabha decided to give his hundred daughters married to King Brahmadatta.  The grand marriage was taken place and King Brahmadatta was amiably took the hands of each of the hundred daughters of King Kushanabha in his palm,  instantaneously by mere touch of Brahmadatta’s palm the daughters of King Kushanabha regained their matchless attractiveness once again and rejoiced over their fate.  King Kushanabha was extremely happy at the turn of events; he was in a state of ecstasy watching over the unparalleled beauty of his lovely daughters.  King Brahmadatta and hundreds of his wives were bade farewell to King Kushanabha and his family along with the priests.  Somadha, mother of Brahmadatta was gladdened at heart witnessing the great deed of her son Brahmadatta who removed the imperfection caused by Lord Vayu and she was extremely happy to have hundreds of virtuous girls as her daughters-in-law,  Somadha expressed joy over the act of repeated prostration of hundreds of daughters-in-law before her and holding them close to her chest.  Somadha uttered her gratitude and praised King Kushanabha for offering hundreds of gem like daughters to her and she heartily blessed all her daughters-in-law.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!