Friday, 19 September 2014

Balakandam !! 31. Rama’s journey to the Kingdom of Mithila !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Maithilasya Narashreshta Janakasya Bhavishyathi |
Yajjana: Paramam Dharmishta: Thathra Yasyamahey Vayam ||
Thvam Chaiva Narashardhoola Saha Asmabhir Gamishyasi |
Athbhutham Cha Dhanu Rathnam Thathra Thvam Dhrushtum Arhasi ||
Thadhi Poorvam  Narashreshta Dhaththam Sadhasi Dhaivathai: |
Aprameya Balam Goram Makhey Paramam Bhasvaram ||
Na Asya Deva Na Gandharva Na Asura Na Cha Rakshasa: |
Karthum Aropanam Shaktha Na Kathamchana Manusha: ||
On that night Rama & Lakshmana stayed with all the Sages of Siddhashrama, extremely rejoiced over the successful completion of Yaga of Sage Vishwamithra.  At the early hours of dawn, Raghavas performed ablutions and approached Sage Vishwamithra who was in the midst of Sages of Siddhashrama.  They greeted Sage Vishwamithra who has the resemblance of ritual fire, “Oh! Maharishey, we are your assistants, waiting for your further instructions”.  The sages assembled spoke compassionately “Oh! Best among the men, we are leaving to Kingdom of Mithila to attend a Grand Yagna/Vedic ritual.  Oh! Valorous Rama, You are welcome to join with us to witness the magnificent divine bow made of Gem.  This is one of the most powerful bows of deities that were received as a boon of Vedic ritual by the King of Mithila.  Oh! Raghava, Its impossible even for deities or Gandharvas,  or Suras, or Asuras, or Rakshasa and not to speak about humans to lift the divine bow or tie string on it.  Though many of the mighty Kings were inquisitive about the power of the bow but failed in their attempt to tie string on it.  Oh! Rama, you can witness this spectacular bow in Mithila, the Kingdom of King Janaka who is prominent in Vedic ritual too.  Oh! Rama, King Devavratha, grandparent of King Janaka performed a grand Vedic ritual and pleased the deities; consequently he had attained the divine bow as boon of the Yagna.  The marvelous bow safeguarded at the Palace of Mithila is worshipped on regular basis during the festivities with sandal paste and various fragrances. ”  Rama and Lakshmana bade farewell to Siddhashrama and the woodland, eventually they followed Sage Vishwamithra and Sages who were preceded towards the mountain ranges of Himalaya located on the northern bank of river Ganga, they were followed by hundred of carts loaded with the requirements of Vedic ritual.  Various animals and birds of Siddhashrama followed the great soul Sage Vishamithra were returned graciously back to their woodland by the Sage.  The sages of Siddhashrama made arrangements for the halt of their journey on the river banks of Sona at the arrival of dusk, all of them went to perform oblations and fire ritual, soon after they assembled before the illustrious Sage Vishwamithra.  Rama curiously enquired Sage Vishwamithra to describe the tranquil woodland on the river banks of Sona, compassionate Sage Vishwamithra was excited by the inquisitiveness of Rama, began to narrate the significance of the place.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!