Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Balakandam !! 35. The legend of River Ganga !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Suprabhatha Nisha Rama Poorva Sandhya Pravarthathey |
Uththishta Uththishta Bhadhram They Gamanaya Abhirochaya ||
Ayam Sona: Shubha Jaley Gadha: Pulina Manditha : |
Katharena Patha Brahmann Samtharishyamahey Vayam ||
Thasya : Theerey Thatha:  Chakru: They Avasa Parigraham |
Thatha: Snathva Yaya Nyayam Satharpya Pithru Devatha: ||
Hruthva Chaiva Agnihothrina Prashaya Cha Amruthavath Havi: |
Vivishur Jahnavi Theerey Shubha Mudhitha Manasa: ||
Vishwamithram Mahathmanam Parivarya Samamthatha: |
On that night Maharishi Vishwamithra and Sages took halt on the river bank of Sona.  At the early hours of day break, Maharishi Vishwamithra said “Oh! Rama, the early hours of dawn has arrived.  Wake up and keep yourself ready to resume the journey.”  Rama woke up immediately after listening to the compassionate words of Sage Vishwamithra and went for ablution and morning rituals; after a while he came back fully prepared for the journey.   Rama enquired “Oh! Illustrious Brahman, I could see that the sacred river Sona is decked with sandbank, how we could cross the river either through the shallow water or through the sandbank?”  Sage Vishwamithra replied “I would recommend following the great sages who were moving through the diverse woodlands.”  They preceded journey through the woods, half of the day has passed finally arrived on the river bank of Ganga.  The marvelous sight of sacred river Ganga, Swans and Sarasa birds on the fresh crystal clear waters brought great enthusiasm in Sages, Raghavas/Rama and Lakshman as well.  They halted on the river bank of Ganga, performed ablations on the sacred river and performed fire sacrifices.  They all assembled around the renowned Sage Vishwamithra and devotedly followed the rituals on the river bank.  All the rituals were completed at everyone’s heart’s content and they all took their seat on the ground.  At this moment, Rama curiously enquired Maharishi Vishwamithra about the origin of the sacred river Ganga from the three worlds to the ocean on Earth.  Maharishi Vishwamithra was enthused by the queries of Rama and began to narrate the emergence of the sacred river Ganga to Earth.  Maharishi Vishwamithra spoke “King of Mountains, Lord Himavan and Goddess Mena, daughter of Mount Meru has two daughters of unparallel beauty and virtues.  Ganga was the eldest daughter and Uma was the younger daughter to this couple.  Later, all the deities approached Lord Himavan who is a righteous King and always desires for the welfare of the Universe to spare Ganga to become the river of live to the three worlds at her will.  The deities of the three worlds heartily welcomed Ganga .  Oh! Raghunandan! Uma, the younger daughter of Lord Himavan underwent severe austerities and performed severe penances were adored by the entire Universe, was married to Lord Rudra.  Oh! Raghava, the two daughters of Lord Himavan are highly revered by the world, Ganga as sacred River and Goddess Uma too.  Oh! Dearest child with excellent charisma, I have narrated you about the emergence of Ganga from Himalayas to the heaven, Abode of deities.  In this way, the marvelous and sinless daughter of Himavan descends down to the abode of deities in the form of sacred watercourse with the name Dev Ganga.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!