Friday, 5 September 2014

Balakandam !! 25. Legend of Thadaka !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Poorvam Aseeth Maha Yaksha: Sookethur Nama Veeryavan |
Anapathya: Shubhachara:  Sa Cha Theypey Mahath Thapa: ||
Pithamaha:  Thu Supreetha: Thasya Yakshapathey: Thadha |
Kanya Rathnam Dhadhou Rama Thadakam Nama Namatha: ||
Dhadhou Naga Sahasrasya Balam Cha Asya: Pithamaha: |
Na Thu Yeva Puthram Yakshaya Dhadhou Cha Asou Mahashaya: ||
After listening to the detailed commentary about the demon Thadaka from Sage Vishwamithra, Rama inquisitively enquired “It has always been precise that the Yaksha’s strength is trivial, and furthermore Thadaka is a feminine, how could be possible for her to have the strength of thousand elephants?” Sage Vishwamithra replied compassionately to Rama & Lakshman “Once there was a dreadful Yaksha named Sukethu, he had no progeny; he had great interest in spiritual deeds, underwent severe austerities and pleased Lord Brahma.   Eventually the Yaksha couple was blessed with a stunning daughter Thadaka with the strength of thousand elephants.  Lord Brahma anticipated the ruthless menace from a male child born to this couple, so it was on purpose Lord Brahma did not offer a male child as a boon to Sukethu.  Thadaka was grown into beautiful young maiden; later she was married to Sunda, son of Jambha.  In due course of time, Thadaka and Sunda had a son Mareecha who was unconquerable.  Sage Agastya’ curse vanquished the demon Sunda.  Thadaka with an extreme grief of separation from her husband and full of vengeance returned with her son Mareecha to encounter Sage Agastya.  Thadaka ferociously hurried to Sage Agastya to swallow him.  Sage Agastya cursed Mareecha to attain demon-hood and Thadaka was cursed to become a carnivore with an outrageous appearance.  Instantly Yakshi Thadaka’s beautiful appearance vanished and she too had attained a horrendous appearance of a demon.  The most infuriated Thadaka vandalized the entire province and its people, which was previously the place of ascetics like Sage Agastya.  Oh! Rama, it is your responsibility to eliminate the horrific demon with the strength of thousands of elephant for the welfare of the people, Brahmanas, Cows and Rishis/Sages living in this province.  Oh! Legatee of Raghu, She has no fear of enemies, she believes unconquerable herself and none from the three worlds has the valor to fight against her.  Oh! Best among the men, a prince should be always concerned about the welfare of his subjects  and four categories of the society, don’t mull over at the thought of elimination of a woman and do not show any compassion towards her.   A protector always executes any deeds whether it’s ruthless or bias or sinful or unfair to protect his subjects.  Oh! Legatee of Kakustha, it is an age old tradition of an heir to the throne to eliminate ill reputed demon; I did not see any goodness in her.  Oh! Rama, protector of the people, have not heard of Lord Indra who vanquished Manthara, daughter of Virochana when the latter was prepared to annihilate the Earth.  Oh! Rama, Have not heard of Lord Vishnu eliminated the wife of Sage Brighu & mother of Shukracharya when she was desired the world without the King of deities Lord Indra.  Oh! Rama, great deities have eliminated the unrighteous woman, therefore it’s my order to leave your compassion and vanquish the demon Thadaka.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!