Thursday, 18 September 2014

Balakandam !! 30. Successful completion of Yaga at Siddhashrama !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Upasam Chakrathur  Veerou Yaththou  Paramam Dhanvinou |
Rakshathur MunivaramVishwamithram Arindhamou ||
Atha Kale Gathey Thasmin Shashtey Ahani Thadha Agathey |
Soumithram Abraveeth Ramo Yaththo Bhava Samahitha: ||
Ramasya Yevam Bhruvanasya Thvarithasya Yuyutsaya |
Prajjvala Thatho Vedhi:  Sa Upadhyaya Purohitha ||
Rama and Lakshman, who are the destroyer of enemies, well aware of the requirements of the hour, time and place, spoke to Vishwamithra “ Oh! Maharishey, we would like to know about the precise hours of appearances of the evildoers who used to create impediments to your fire sacrifices and when we should be fully prepared to safeguard your ritual without any fail.”  The sages in the Siddhashrama were extremely pleased at the eagerness of the princes of Kakustha dynasty and their sincere efforts to encounter the fierce demons.  The sages assembled were replied “Oh! Raghava, you have to protect the rituals for six days and nights from today, revered Sage Vishwamithra will initiate the proceedings of the ritual, so he will not be in a position to provide you with any further instruction as the vow the ritual has begun”.  Upon the instructions of the Sages of Siddhashrama, Rama and Lakshman with their bows and arrows on hand vigilantly safeguarded the hermitage and the Alter of Fire of Sage Vishwamithra for six days and night.  The time has arrived for the conclusion of the fire sacrifice, Rama spoke to Lakshman “ Oh! Soumithri, be prepared “.  Suddenly, a massive blaze raised from the Altar of fire which brightened Sage Vishwamithra and the Sages who were performing the ritual, eventually it swallowed the sacred grass, arm length wooden spatulas, fire-woods, heap of flowers and the whole surroundings of the sacrificial fire got lighten up, while the Vedic chants according to the prescribed rules for the conclusion of sacrificial fire was rendered.  Instantly a trident and a loud explosion was raised in the sky, massive clouds appeared and two dreadful demon came into sight performing illusionary acts as if they were pouncing on the Altar of Fire.  Mareecha and Subhahu with a bunch of demons created a sudden strong outburst of blood on the fire sacrifice.  Rama noticed the swamp of blood on the Altar of Fire, hurried to the demons and spoke to Lakshman “Oh! Soumithri, I am indisposed to eradicate the impish, flesh eating demons but you will see that they will have pathetic end with the Manava weapons.”  Rama aimed the powerful Manava weapon against Mareecha, it him like thunderbolt and took him hundred Yojanas away into an ocean moving up and down with it maddening waves, without taking his life away.  Rama shot an Agneya Asthram against Subhahu, which killed him instantly.  Rama vanquished the entire demons who were followed Mareecha and Subhahu.  The sages of Siddhashrama praised Rama like Lord Indra who won over the demons.  The illustrious Sage Vishwamithra said “ Oh ! Raghava, my purpose of conducting a ritual at Siddhashrama has become fruitful, you have actualized the word of honor to your Mentor and your father as well, likewise the glories of the Siddhashrama has reinstated.”  It was the arrival of dusk, Sage Vishwamithra cheered Rama.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!