Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Balakandam !! 28. Rama receives the divine weapons of Krishasva Prajapathi from Sage Vishwamithra !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Sathyavantham Sathya Keerthim Dhrushtam Ramasabha Yeva Cha |
Prathiharatharam Nama Parannmukham Avanmugham ||
Lakshya Alakshya:  Imou Chaiva Dhruda Nama Sunamakou |
Dhashaksha Shathavakthrai Cha Dhasha Sheersha Shatha Udharou ||
Padmanabha Mahanabhou Dhundhunama Swanamakou |
Jyothisham Shakunam Chaiva Nairashya Vimalou Ubhou ||
Yaugandhara Vinidhrou Cha Dhaithya Pramadhanou Thatha |
Shuchi Bahur  Mahabhahur Nishkali Viruchara Thatha ||
Sarchirmali Dhruthimali Vruththiman Ruchira: Thatha |
Pithrya: Soumanasa : Chaiva Vidhutha Makarou Ubhou ||
Paraveeram Rathim Chaiva Dhana Dhanyou Cha Raghava ||
Kamaroopam Kamaruchim Moham Avaranam Thatha |
Jrimbhakam Sarpanadham Cha Panyan  Varanaou Thatha ||
Krishava Thanyan Rama Bhasvaran  Kama Rupina: |
Prathiccha Mama Bhadhram They Pathra Bhoothosi Raghava ||
Rama from the prominent clan of Kakustha sanctified by the divine weapons received from the revered Sage Vishamithra, later he mellifluously spoke “Oh! Brahmarishey, I have become unconquerable even to deities by receiving those divine weapons, Oh! Revered Sage, I would like to learn the extraction of those powerful weapons too.”  The compassionate Sage Vishwamithra imparted the knowledge of the withdrawal of the divine weapon to Rama and spoke “ Oh! Rama, I offer you with the radiant weapons famously known as the children of Krishasva Prajapathi, such as  Sathyavantha, Sathyakeerthi, Dhrishta, Rabhasa, Prathiharathara, Paranmukha, Avanmukha, Lakshya, Alakshya, Dhridanabha, Sunabha, Dhashaksha, Shathavakthra, Dhashasheersha, Shatodhara, Padmanabha, Mahanabha, Dundhunabha, Svanabha, Jyothisha, Shakuna, Nairashya, Vimala, Yugandhara, Vinidhra, Dhaithya, Pramadhana, Suchibhahu, Mahabhahu, Nishkali, Virucha, Sarchimali, Dhrithimali, Vriththiman, Ruchira, Pithraya, Saumanasa, Vidhootha, Makara, Karaveerakara, Dhana, Dhanya, Kamaroopa, Kamaruchira, Moha,Avarana, Jrimbhaka, Sarvanabha and Varana are the dominant weapons with illusionary powers.  You are well capable to handle all those powerful weapons and let them protect you from all dangers.” Thus Sage Vishwamithra handed all those divine weapons to Rama.   All those divine weapons has the nature of fire, smoke, moon, sun etc… stood before Rama in a state of bliss, with folded hands waiting for the further instructions from Rama.    Raghava instructed those weapons to reside in his knowledge and assist him as and when it requires.  Ultimately, those powerful weapons, personification of deities circumambulated Rama and disappeared from the sight.  Rama, Lakshman and Sage Vishwamithra resumed their journey, a stunning lush green land caught the attention of Rama, it was not very far from the range of mountains, full of domesticated animals and spectacular birds, and it was the most attractive land on Earth added excitement and inquisitiveness in Rama.  He spoke “Oh! Great among the Sages, I am extremely delighted to witness this serene environment; I understand that we have passed the dreadful Thadaka Vanam.  Whose hermitage situated on this sacred lush green land?  Oh! Prominent Sage, where are those sinful creatures and evildoers? Where did they appear to hinder your rituals and fire sacrifices?  I have to protect your rituals and vanquish those demons. Oh! Brahman, where are those demons who killed the Brahmanas? I would like to hear about this place in detail.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!