Monday, 15 September 2014

Balakandam !! 27. Rama receives divine weapons /Asthra & Sasthra from Sage Vishwamithra !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Deva Asura Ganan Va Api Sa Gandharva Uragan Bhuvi |
Yai: Amithran Prasahya Ajou Vashikruthya Jayishyasi ||
Dhanda Chakram Mahath Divyam  Thava Dasyami Raghava ||
Dharma Chakram Thatho Veera Kala Chakram Thathaiva Cha |
Vishnu Chakram Thatha Athi Ugram Aindhram Chakram Thathaiva Cha ||
Vajram Asthram Narashreshta Shaivam Shoolam Varam Thatha |
Asthram Bhramashira:  Cha Yeva Aishikam Api Raghava ||
Dhadhami They Mahabhaho Brahmam Asthram Anuththamam |
On that night, Rama along with Lakshman and Sage Vishwamithra stayed in the Thadaka Vanam, on the next day, in the early hours of dawn the illustrious Sage Vishwamithra approached Rama with a compassionate smile and spoke “Oh! Rama, I am highly pleased at your deeds, to ensure your perpetual safety, I am going to offer you with all those divine weapons which are favorites of mine.  Those auspicious weapons are capable to protect you from any peril and conquer any number of deities, demons, Gandharvas, Uragas and humans in battle.  Oh! Raghava, I am going to provide you with highly auspicious Danda Chakra, Dharma Chakra, Kala Chakra, Vishnu Chakram, Indhra Chakram,  Vajrasthram, Trident of Lord Shiva/Shaiva Shoolam, Brahmashirasathram, Aishikasthram and Brahmasthram.  I am going to offer you with the two powerful maces called Modhaki and Shikhari.  Oh! Rahava, I will be giving you with the three nooses famously known as Dharmapasa/righteousness, Kalapasa/Time and Varuna Pasa/Varunasthra.  Oh! Raghava, I will give you the divine weapons called Shushka, Ardhra, Narayanasthram of Lord Narayana and Pinakasthram of Lord Shiva.  Oh! Rama, divine weapons known as Agneasthram/Shikharam, weapons of Lord Surya called Prathama and weapon of Lord Vayu/Vayavyasthram as well.  Oh! Raghava from the clan of Kakustha, I will be giving you the divine weapons of Lord Vishnu known as Hayashira and Krouncham of Lord Rudra as well.  I will be offering you with various fierce weapons like Kankalam, Musalam, Goram, Kapalam and Kinkinim for the eradication of demons.  Oh! Rama, Son of mighty King Dasaratha, I will be giving you the most powerful weapon Vaidhyadharam and gem of swords Nandakam,  Gandharvasthram/stupefy known as Mohanam, Prasvapanam/induce sleep and Prashamanam/pacifier too. Oh! Highly fortunate among the Raghu dynasty, I offer you with the weapons of Varsha/Rain, Shoshanam/Drought, Santhapanam, Vilapanam,Madhanam,  Dhurdharsham, Gandharvasthram, Manavasthram, Paishachasthram and Mohanam.  Oh! Rama, greatest among the warriors, I offer you with the weapons like Thamasam, Soumanam, Samvartham, Mousalam, Sathyasthram, Mayasthram, Thejaprabham, Shishiram/Somasthram, Sudharunam/Thvashtrasthram, Bhagasyasthram and the weapons of the Manu, first and foremost ruler of mankind.  Oh! Rama, you can have all those divine weapons which has illusionary powers and indestructible in nature.  Rama received all those auspicious weapons from the illustrious Sage Vishwamithra, stood facing east followed by certain rituals and sacred hymns recited.  The sacred hymns were flawlessly recited by the Brahman, that are impossible even for the deities to recite the sections and subsection of it, while reciting those sacred hymns by Sage Vishmithra, all those divine weapons stood in front of him and was accessible to Rama.  The deities presided on the auspicious weapons were highly pleased to obey the orders of Rama; with their folded hands revealed their compliance to carry out the orders of Rama, with pleasing heart Rama responded to the mighty weapons to manifest in his knowledge whenever the requirement of the weapons takes place.  Rama was extremely grateful to his Preceptor, revered Sage Vishwamithra and prepared to resume their journey. 
Jai Sriman Narayana !!