Sunday, 14 September 2014

Balakandam !! 26. Rama’s encounter with Thadaka !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Pithur Vachana Nirdheshath Pithur Vachana Gouravath |
Vachanam Koushikasya Ithi Karthavyam Avishankaya ||
So Aham Pithur Vacha: Shruthva Shasanath Brahma Vadhina: |
Karishyami Na Sandheha: Thadaka Vadham Uththamam ||
Go Brahmana Hitharthath Dheshasya Cha Hithayacha |
Thava Chaiva Aprameyasya Vachanam Karthum Udhyatha: ||
The ideal man from the Raghu dynasty after listening to the legends of Thadaka narrated by Sage Vishwamithra, reverentially folded his palms together and replied to Sage “This task will be executed at the earliest with great reverence and admiration to my father’s order and the order of my Preceptor.  I will not disregard the advice of my father to follow the instruction of elders.   I will undertake the most important responsibility of elimination of Thadaka as instructed by Sage Vishamithra, like Lord Brahma.  I will meticulously carry out the instruction of you for the welfare of cow, Brahmin and the entire province.”  Rama, the destroyer of enemies, tightened his hand on the middle of the bow and made a deafening noise by touching the bowstring.  The inhabitants of the Thadaka Vanam were anxious at the loud noise and Thadaka was terribly annoyed by the thunderous noise.  She was exasperated and rushed to the direction where the noise has arrived.  Raghava noticed a hideous and giant demon with distorted figure, spoke to Lakshman “ Lakshmana, this Yakshi  has all those horrific  appearances capable to tear apart the heart of a coward, she in unconquerable and has obtained immense magical powers, you will see that her ears and nose are chopped off from its place.  I really do not want to kill a female, but I intend to terminate her impertinence and impediments caused to the inhabitants of Thadaka Vanam.”  Thadaka approached Rama with a boisterous laugh and swaying her hands around him.  Brahma Rishi Vishamithra spoke “Oh! Raghava, Be safe and victorious”.   Thadaka threw dust on Raghavas, perplexed them for a while by using her magical powers and took shelter under the cover of massive dust form, she flooded by hammering stone rain upon Raghavas, but Rama remained serene and aimed arrow at her gigantic arms that was hurrying towards him, her arms were cut down instantly at the shot of his arrow.  She roared pathetically at the battering of her two arms and was completely exhausted; it provoked Lakshman to sever her ears and nose.  She continued to battle against Raghavas, with all those illusionary powers by stone inundation.  Sage Vishwamithra spoke “ Oh! Rama put an end to your compassion towards a Yakshi, she is malicious and hindrance to the performance of rituals and fire sacrifices.  The sun is ready to set anytime, before that you have to eradicate her from horrifying act, a demon becomes unconquerable by the time of dusk.”  Rama released range of arrows slicing the downpour of stone, she dashed towards Raghavas, Rama shot an arrow on her chest, and she pounced down on the Earth like a thunderbolt and died instantly.  Lord Indra and deities praised the valor of Rama, witnessing the miserable death of a hideous demon.  Lord Indra and the deities spoke to Sage Vishwamithra “You are truly blessed, Lord Vayu and all the deities are pleased, keep showering your concern for Raghava,  sons of Krishasva Prajapathi are valiant and virtuous as well, all those ascetic powers will be offered to Raghava.  Rama is a strict follower of his preceptor, so he deserves the boon/powers and he has to accomplish several deeds for the deities.”  The deities and Lord Indra returned to their abodes and the end of the day has arrived.  Sage Vishwamithra was jubilant at the valor of Rama and the elimination of Thadaka, he kissed on the forehead of Rama and said “Today we will put a halt to our journey and will resume our journey on tomorrow to my hermitage.”  On that night, they stayed in the Thadaka Vanam, the beautiful garden that was released from the curse of Thadaka, which had the resemblance of  Chaithraratha, garden of Lord Kubera.  Rama along with Sage Vishwamithra waited for the sunrise while the celestials and liberated souls eulogized him at the annihilation of Yaksha’s daughter Thadaka.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!