Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Balakandam !! The legend of the Province Maladha & Karusha !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Thatha: Prabhathey Vimaley Krutha Ahnikam Arindhamou |
Vishwamithram Puraskruthya Nadhaya: Theeram Upagathou ||
Kailasey Parvathey Rama Manasa Nirmitham Param |
Bhramana Narashardhoola Thena Idham Manasam Sara: ||
Thasaman Sushrava Sarasa: Sa Ayodhyam Upaguhyathey |
Sara: Pravruththa Sarayu: Punya Brahma Sara: Chyutha ||
Thasya Ayam Athula: Shadhdho Jahnavim Abhivarththathey |
Vari Samkshobhajo Rama Pranamam  Niyatha: Kuru ||
It was in the early hours of dawn Rama & Lakshman arrived on the river bank where Sage Vishwamithra had just completed the ablutions and early morning rituals.  The virtuous and prominent sages of Kama’s hermitage assembled on the river bank, they had already arranged an auspicious ferry for Sage Vishwamithra’s journey.  The honorable Sages spoke to Sage Vishwamithra ‘You may precede the journey through the prosperous routes without any delay, keeping the princes to the front.’ Thus, the Sages of Kama hermitage bade farewell to the revered Sage Vishwamithra and Rama & Lakshman.  Soon the ferry sailed towards the vast ocean, upon the arrival of halfway through they could listen to the earsplitting gush of water, Rama became inquisitive and desired to know the significance of it.  Rama spoke “Oh! Preceptor, what’s that upsurge of noise?”  Sage Vishwamithra explained “ Oh! Rama, Lord Bhrama created an attractive lake Manasa in Mount Kailash, the water surged out of Manasa created a water body around the city of Ayodhya, was famously known as river Sarayu.  This river has got ample of pieties because it was created by Lord Brahma.  Oh! Rama, offer homage to these sacred rivers, the thunderous noise is the convergence of river Sarayu on the river Ganga.”  Rama & Lakshman offered salutations to the sacred river and preceded their journey to the south of the riverbank.  Rama said “ Oh! Illustrious Sage, this dark forest crammed with the trees of Dhava, Ashwakarna, Arjuna, Bilva, Thindhuka, Padala and Badri must be the dwelling place of dangerous creatures like swarms of leaping and chirping insects, predators, vultures, tigers, wild boars, untamed elephants etc. makes this forest too bizarre and wild.”  Sage Vishwamithra spoke “ Oh! Rama, I will narrate you about this miserable forest, once these were the flourished province of Maladha and Karusha who was created by the deities and has divine powers.  Oh! Rama, Lord Indra vanquished the demon Vrutha and afflicted with the sin of Brahmahathya, eventually all the impurities blemished him.   The Sages and Rishis cleansed the impurities on Lord Indra with the sacred water from their vessels; deities were pleased at the dedication of the ascetics, Lord Indra was extremely happy at the turn of events and provided astonishing boons to this sacred land which developed into the flourished province of Maladha and Karusha.  The people lived in this province were led a happy and prosperous life.  Later, a Yaksha female who has the strength of thousands of elephants, has the power to camouflage at her own will, was the wife of the devious demon Sunanda and her son Mareecha who has the powers equivalent to Lord Indra took possession of this sacred land.  Oh! Raghava, the demon Mareecha has gigantic body and dreadful features; he is terrorizing the people who are living in this province, and the malicious Tadaka is mercilessly destroying the inhabitants of Maladha and Karusha. Oh! Rama,  Thadaka lives at a distance of one and half Yojanas from this place, It’s the time to vanquish her with all your valor and eradicate her gruesome deeds.   I entrust the responsibility to you to make this province free from her notorious deeds.  Oh! Rama none could enter into this dark forest because of the horrific deeds of Thadaka, she made the entire province distraught, therefore you have to make this province inhabitable once again.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!