Thursday, 26 March 2015

Balakandam !! 76. Bhargava Rama’s pride hurts!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Shruthva Thatha Jamadagnasya Vakyam Dhasharathi: Thadha |
Gouravath Yathritha Katha: Pithu Ramam Atha Abraveeth ||
Kruthavan Asmi Yath Karma Shruthavan Asi Bhargava |
Anurudhyamahe Brahman Pithur Anrunyam Asthitha: ||
Veeryaheenam Iva  Ashaktham Kshathra Dharmana Bhargava |
Avajanasi Mey Theja: Pashya Mey Adhaya Parakramam ||
Ithi Ukthva Raghava: Kruddho Bhargavasya Vara Ayudham |
Sharam Cha Prathijagraha Hasthath Laghu Parakrama : ||
Aropya Sa Dhanu Rama: Sharam Sajjyam Chakara: |
Jamadagnyam Thatho Ramam Rama: Kruddho Abraveeth Idham ||
Dhasharatha Rama, who was standing beside King Dhasharatha began to speak after listening to the supercilious comment, “Oh! Bhargava Rama, I have heard of your valiant deeds and we highly appreciate your endeavors to release yourself from the indebtedness to your father.  Oh! Bhargava Rama, you have misjudged the Kshathriyahood in me,  I will display the valor in me before you.”  Rama picked the long and powerful bow of Lord Vishnu along with the arrow from the hands of Bhargava Rama, which was already wielded with an arrow, before aiming at the target Rama furiously declared “ Oh! Bhargava Rama, You are a Brahmin and venerable to me, you are closely associated with Sage Vishwamithra, I am reluctant to release this arrow which is capable to put an end to your life.  Oh! Bhargava Rama, the speed of your mind or the unparallel merits you have earned through severe asceticism, which one you desired to take away from you? And it is definite that the divine bow of Lord Vishnu will not go waste and it will certainly reveal its ferocity to the opponent. ”  All the deities, Lord Brahma, Sages, Siddhas, Charanas, Celestial Apsaras, Gandharvas, Kinnaras, Yakshas, Nagas and Rakshasas assembled to witness Dhasharatha Rama wielded with the powerful divine bow of Lord Vishnu.  Bhargava Rama stood motionless and vigor less before Dhasharatha Rama, who was wielded with the divine arrow of Lord Vishnu, surrounded by marvelous aura.  Bhargava Rama whose vivacity was restrained by the radiance of the lotus eyed Rama, he mellifluously spoke to Dhasharatha Rama “ Oh! Kakustha Rama, once when I was donated the entire Earth to Sage Kashyapa, it was become inhabitable for me.  I sincerely followed the order of my preceptor Sage Kashyapa and I did not even spend a night on the Earth.  Oh! Raghava, it will be improper to harm my independent movement, I am capable to move at the speed of my mind to Mount Mahendra.  I have won over the realm of heaven with the power of my asceticism; therefore you can conquer it with the powerful arrow.  I have realized your divinity, that you are the supreme Lord Vishnu, slayer of demon Madhu, destroyer of enemies by the touch of the divine bow.  All those deities have come to witness you, you are unparallel and incomparable.  Oh! Kakustha, you are the lord of three worlds, and I withdraw myself.   Oh! Rama, release that unsurpassed arrow on me and I wish to depart to mount Mahendram.” Dhasharatha Rama released the powerful arrow from the divine and long bow of Lord Vishnu, instantly the Bhargava Rama vanished from the sight.  All the deities and Sages eulogized the glories of Dhasharatha Rama who was wielded with the divine bow of Lord Vishnu, eventually Bhargava Rama circumambulated Rama and went into vacuum.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!