Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Balakandam !! 75. Bhargava Rama narrates the splendor of bow of Lord Shiva & Lord Vishnu !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Rama Dhasharathey  Veera Veeryam They Shruyathey Athyathbhutham |
Dhanusho Bhedhanam Chaiva Nikhilena Maya Shrutham ||
Thatha Adhbhutham Achinthyam Cha Bhedhanam Dhanusha: Thatha |
Thatha Shruthva Aham Anupraptho Dhanur Ghruhya Aparam Shubham ||
Thatha Idham Ghora Samkasham Jamadagnyam Mahath Dhanu: |
Poorayasva Sharena Yeva Sva Balam Dharshayasva Cha ||
Thatha Aham They Balam Dhrushtva Dhanusho Api Asya Poorane |
Dhvandhayuddham Pradhasyami Veerya Shlaghyam Aham  Thava ||
Thasya Thatha Vachanam Shruthva Raja Dhasharatha: Thadha |
Vishanna Vadhano Dheena: Pramjali: Vakyam Abraveeth ||
Lord Parasurama said “Oh! Dhasharatha Rama,  I have heard about your remarkable valor and thrashing of the divine bow of Lord Shiva which was unimaginable.  It was truly mesmerizing incident, that’s why I have arrived to meet you.  I have brought another extremely powerful bow received from Sage Jamadagni, wield an arrow on it and display your proficiency to me.  After examining your capability on wielding an arrow, we will have mutual fight/Dhvandhayuddham.”  King Dhasharatha was in a pitiable state after listening to Bhargava Rama and spoke to him with folded handed “ Oh! Bhargava Rama, you are a Brahmin who undertake strict asceticism and you have put an end to the hostility towards the Kshathriyas long back, it will appropriate to bless my sons who are youngsters.  You are from the glorious clan of Bhargava who strictly follow asceticism, study Veds and scriptures.  You have already discarded the weapons as a promise made to thousand eyed Lord Indra.  You have underwent severe austerities and offered the huge part of the Earth as alm to Sage Kashyapa and proceeded to the woods of Mahendra.  Oh! Mahamune, neither Rama nor us could live in the absence of one another.”  Bhargava Rama did not pay any attention to the considerate words of King Dhasharatha, he addressed to Rama “There were two long bows which were the most powerful, designed by the deities and stunningly crafted by the celestial architect Vishwakarma.  Oh! Narashreshta, one was given to Lord Rudra/Thryambaka at the time of battle with the demon Tripura.  You have broken the magnificent bow of Tripurari, slayer of demon Tripura.  This is the second one given to Lord Vishnu by the deities and named after him and both these powerful bows are identical in the annihilation of enemies.  Once all the deities approached Lord Brahma to find the supremacy among Lord Rudra and Lord Vishnu, it created a huge battle between Lord Mahadeva and Lord Vishnu, with the ‘hum’ sound Lord Vishnu broken the bow of Lord Mahadeva and made him motionless.  Then all the sages, charanas and deities assembled before them to bring peace among the two powerful and superior deities Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Seeing the motionless bow of Lord Shiva, it was proclaimed that Lord Vishnu is supreme.  Later Lord Rudra offered his bow to the Devaratha, King of Vidheha.  This is the bow of Lord Vishnu which was handed to Sage Richika, son of Sage Brighu.  Sage Richika offered this matchless bow to his resplendent son Sage Jamadagni, my father for his righteous deeds.  When my father who was ascetically powerful was all alone and without weapon, extremely cruel Karthaveeryarjuna mercilessly killed my father.  Oh! Rama, after that gruesome incident, I have killed the Kshthriyas born thirty seven times on this Earth and took good control over the Earth.  After that I have performed severe austerities and Vedic ritual to sanctify myself and offered huge part of the Earth as alm to Sage Kashyapa, who is a Mahathma.  Later I have moved to Mount Mahendra to practice severe asceticism. Oh! Rama, I have arrived promptly after listening to breaking of the divine bow of Lord Shiva, therefore, wield this divine bow of Lord Vishnu which has mystic powers owned by my forefathers and father, keep high your Kshathriya-hood/Kshathriya Dharmam and wield this divine bow as you have wielded the bow of Lord Shiva.  Oh! Kakustha, wield the divine bow and aim with an arrow to your target, you are well capable of it.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!