Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Balakandam !! 74. Rama’s encounter with Lord Parasurama !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Atha Rathryam Vyathithayam Vihwamithro Mahamuni: |
Aprushtva Thou Cha Rajanaou Jagam Utharaparvatham ||
Vishwamithro Gathey Raja Vaidheham Mithila  Adhipam |
Aprushtva Iva Jagam Ashu Raja Dhasharatha: Purim ||
Atha Raja Vidhehanam Dhadhou Kanya Dhanam Bahu |
Gavam Satha Sahasrani Bahuni Mithileshwara: ||
Kambalanam Cha Mukhyanam Kshoumana Koti Ambarani Cha |
Hasthi Ashva Ratha Padhatham Divaroopam Swalamkrutham ||
Dhadhou Kanya Shatham Thasam Dasi Dasam Anuththamam |
Hiranyasya Suvarnasya Mukthanam Vidhrumasya Cha ||
Dhadhou Raja Susamhrushta: Kanya Dhanam Anuththamam |
On the next day morning, Sage Vishwamithra bade farewell to King Dhasharatha, King Janaka, Rama and Lakshmana and proceeded to the northern parts of Himalayas.  Shortly, King Dhasharatha bade farewell to King Janaka and proceeded to the city of Ayodhya.  King Janaka/Mithileshwara offered various riches as Kanya Dhanam, huge number of cows, thousands of magnificent shawls,  crores of silk garments, elephants, horses, chariots, warriors and hundreds of maid servants,  he also offered various precious jewels such as gold, silver, pearls, and coral as Kanya Dhanam with extreme delight.  King Janaka after offering various riches as Kanya Dhanam, accompanied his daughter for a distance and bade farewell to King Dhasharatha and returned to his palace.  King Dhasharatha along with his virtuous sons followed by warriors, keeping the sages at the forefront proceeded to Ayodhya.  Suddenly, King Dhasharatha along with Raghavas could hear the alarming screeches of birds, animals and various creatures from woods were hurried to leftward.  King Dhasharatha was mystified and enquired Sage Vashishta “ My heart is throbbing with an unknown fear, why these birds are creating frightful noises and the animals are dashing to leftward ?” after listening to King Dhasharatha’s distressed voice, Sage Vashishta informed him in a soothing words that he will let him know about what was happening and asked to ignore the screeching of birds and dashing of animals. Suddenly a whirlwind set off, it quivered the earth and uprooted the colossal trees around, abruptly the daylight has vanished and sandstorm wrapped the warriors from all sides.  Sage Vashishta, King Dhasharatha and his sons were visible, rest of them were turned into dull.  In that extreme darkness they could witness Bhargava Rama,  son of Sage Jamadagni, vanquisher of Kshathriya,  who had the resemblance of the destroyer of Tripura, Lord Rudra.  He had dreadful look, with unruly matted hair locks, irrefutable like Mount Kailash, he had the brilliance of Kalagni, un approachable for the common people, he had an axe/Parasu on his shoulder, wielded a bow on his hand.  Seeing his dreadful face blazing like ritual fire, Sage Vashishta and various Brahmins who practice ascetics and fire rituals whispered to each other “ Is he going to abolish the race of Kshathriyas once again as he was done at the time of murder of his father? Is he still in agitation against the race of Kshathriyas?”  All the Sages and Rishis along with Sage Vashishta approached Lord Parasurama and mellifluously spoke “ Oh! Rama, Bhargava Rama”.  Lord Parasurama, son of Sage Jamadhagni began to speak to Rama after receiving welcoming words from the assembled Sages and Sage Vashishta.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!