Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Some of the Characters from Srimad Ramayan !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Emperor Dasaratha – Ruler of the Kingdom of Ayodhya & renowned charioteer who has the proficiency in controlling ten chariots at his will, father of Lord Rama, Lakshman, Bharatha & Shatrugna.


Kousalya, Kaikeyi & Sumitra – wives of King Dasaratha & Empress of Ayodhya


Lord Rama – Personification of Lord Vishnu & Hero of the great epic Srimad Ramayan


Sita – Daughter of King Janaka of Mithila, daughter-in-law of King Dasaratha of Ayodhya , wife of Lord Rama.  She has various names like Janaki, Maithili, Vaidhehi, Janakananthini, Janaka Kumari.


King Janaka – Rajarishi, King of Mithila, father of Urmila (Married to Lakshman), foster father of Sita


Sunayana – Wife of King Janaka of Mithila & foster mother of Sita


Kuchadhwaja – Brother of King Janaka of Mithila & father of Mandavi & Shruthakirthi, father-in-law of Bharatha & Shatrugna.


Sumantra – chief of Assembly & Charioteer of King Dasaratha


Maharishi Narada – Lord Brahma’s Manasaputra & one of the personifications of Lord Vishnu


Sage Valmiki – Composer of the great epic Srimad Ramayan also has the name Ratnakara & he provided shelter to Goddess Sita, mentor to Lava & Kusha (sons of Lord Rama & Goddess Sita)


Sage Parasurama – Personification of Lord Vishnu, born to Sage Jamadagni & Renuka


Sage Vishwamithra – Preceptor of Lord Rama, Rama learned science of armaments and its usage from Sage Vishwamithra, later Rama accompanied Sage to Mithila for marrying Sita


Sage Bharadhwaja – Father of Sage Dronacharya lived in a hermitage on the river banks of Prayag.  Rama paid visit to Sage Bharadhwaja during his exile from Ayodhya.


Sage Vashishta – family priest of King Dasaratha & husband of chaste woman Arundhati

Sage Markandeya, Sage Vishwamitra, Sage Jabali, Sage Vamadeva, Sage Moudhkalya, Sage Kashyapa, Sage Karthiyayana, Sage Gautama – Priestly Members of assembly of King Dasaratha


Ahalya – Chaste wife of Sage Gautama was transformed into a stone due to the curse of her husband.  Later relieved from her sin and regained her real form at the touch of Lotus feet of Lord Rama.


Sage Agastya – Passionate devotee of Lord Shiva, eulogized Sri Aditya Hrudayam(glories of Lord Surya) to Lord Rama in the war field.


SageAtri – Manasaputra of Lord Brahma & husband of chaste woman Anasuya


Sage Rishyashrunga – Who was performed Putrakameshti Yaga for King Dasaratha


Sage Sadananda – son of Sage Gautama & Ahalya performed the wedding ceremony of Lord Rama & Goddess Sita


Sage Mathanga – severe ascetic & Rama paid visit to the hermitage of Sage Mathanga during his exile from the Kingdom of Ayodhya


Lord Anjaneya – born to Anjanadevi & Kesari with the blessings of Lord Vayu, 


Sugriva – Monkey King of Kishkindha & brother of King Vali was born with blessings of Lord Surya


Angada – Son of monkey King Vali and Thara & crown prince of Kishkindha


Akambanan – one of the army men of King Ravana and spy, discreetly escaped from the arrow of Lord Rama


Indrajit/Meghanathan – Elder son of Ravana, killed by Lakshman in the battlefield


Khara & Dushana – Brothers of Ravana and the rulers of Janasthana killed by Lord Rama.


Kabhandha – demon disfigured by Lord Rama, later assumed the form of Gandharva and guided Rama and Lakshman to Kishkindha.


Guha – Chief of tribal clan lived on the river banks of Ganga and a ferry rider who assisted Lord Rama, Sita & Lakshman to cross River Ganga.


Kumbhakarna – Younger brother of Ravana spared big part of his life for sleep.


Kumbhan – Son of Kumbhakarna


Shambarasura – had a battle with the deities, King Dasaratha assisted deities in the battle.


Sabari – disciple of Sage Mathanga had attained salvation at the lotus feet of Lord Rama


Shathabali – Is one of the chief of monkey warrior who lead army towards north at the command of Sugriva in search of Goddess Sita


Sampathi – Is the elder brother of Eagle King Jatayu, assisted the monkey warriors with the information about Goddess Sita’s abduction and her existence in Ashoka Vatika.


Sushena – father-in-law of Vali,  was the leader of army of monkey warriors in search of Sita.


Shoorpanakha – widow & Sister of demon King Ravana


Dadhimukha – brother of Sugriva’s father & care taker of Madhuvanam, pleasure garden of Sugriva.


Thadaka – Ferocious Demon killed by Lord Rama with the guidance of Sage Vishwamithra


Thara – Wife of monkey King Vali & highly intellectual, mother of  Angada who was the crown prince of Kshikinda


Dhanyamalini – one of the wives of demon King Ravana accompanied with her husband to Ashoka Vatika and had conversation with Sita


Trijada – Compassionate demon who was deputed to look after of Sita in Ashoka Vatika


Trishirass – Khara’s (Ravana’s brother) minister of army


Nala – Son of Vishwakarma, a highly scholarly person who built bridge across the vast ocean to reach Lanka.


Nikumbha – Son of Kumbhakarna


Neela – was born with the blessings of Lord Agni & one of the army personnel of King Sugriva and a close associate of Nala


Mandhara – maid servant of Kaikeyi brought from the Kingdom of Kekeya


Mandodhari – Daughter of Mayan (architect of demons) was a passionate devotee of Lord Shiva & wife of demon King Ravana & mother of Indrajith


Maricha & Subhahu  - Sons of demon Thadaka who  was killed by Lord Rama


Malyavan – Ravana’s maternal grandfather


Mathali – Charioteer of Lord Indra


Yudhajith – Brother of Kaikeyi & Maternal Uncle to Bharatha


King Ravana – Son of Mishrava, grandson of Sage Pulastya, brother of Lord Kubera


Ruma – Wife of monkey King Sugriva was kidnapped by Vali


Lankini – Protector of the City of Lanka who was killed by Lord Anjaneya


Samudra Rajan – Lord Varuna/King of ocean blessed Rama to construct bridge over the vast ocean Sethu


Monkey King Vali – Born with the blessings of Lord Indra


Demon Viradha – was resided in Dandakavanam, later he was killed by Lord Rama and attained salvation at the lotus feet of Lord Rama


Vibhishana – A passionate devotee of Lord Rama & brother of demon King Ravana


Vinathan – one of the chief monkey warriors deputed in search of Goddess Sita


Jadayu – Brother of Sampathi/ King of birds, who lost his life while fighting against Ravana to protect Goddess Sita from the clutches of the demon & a close associate of King Dasaratha,


Jambavan – A divine bear born with the blessings of Lord Brahma


Swayamprabha – An ascetic lived in a cave who was helped the monkey warriors led by Angada, Jamban & Lord Anjaneya assisted to conduct search for Sita

Jai Sriman Narayana !!