Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Balakandam !! King Dasaratha orders to conduct the Yagna !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Thatha: Pranamya Shirasa Thamam Viprama Deva Varninam |
Yajjyaya  Varyamasa Santhanartham Kulasya Cha ||
Thatha  Ithi Cha Sa Rajanam Uvacha Vasudhadhipam |
Sambhara: Sambhriyantham They Thuragascha Vimuchyatham ||
Sarvya:  Cha Utharey Theerey Yajjya Bhoomi : Vidhiyatham |

King Dasaratha decided to perform the Vedic ritual at the arrival of spring season.  King Dasaratha with folded hands prayed to the illustrious Sage Rishyashrunga to conduct the Vedic rituals on behalf of him to beget virtuous progeny that would maintain the existence of Ikshvaku clan.  Sage Rishyashrunga ordered to begin the arrangement of grand Yagna and release the ritual horse.  King Dasaratha commanded Sumantra to invite the royal priests Sage Suyajna, Sage Vamadeva, Sage Jabali, Sage Kashyapa and Sage Vashishta chief priest of Ikshvaku dynasty and Vedic Brahmins to conduct the Yagna.  Sumantra sincerely followed the command and brought all the chief priests and Vedic Brahmins to the palace were received with utmost reverence by King Dasaratha and addressed them “I am extremely anxious without progeny, decided to perform Vedic horse ritual.  I wish the Yagna should be performed according to the rules prescribed in the sacred scriptures along with strict observances, I desired to fulfill my long cherished wish through the divine Sage Rishyashrunga . “  The Sages and Vedic Brahmins assembled were appreciated the very idea of King Dasaratha, they showered blessings upon their King Dasaratha for obtaining four valorous sons and advised to release the ritual horse as an initiation of this auspicious event.  King Dasaratha was highly pleased at the words of the Sages and Vedic Brahmins ordered his men “ Let the ritual horse be released accompanied by gallant warriors and Vedic Brahmins, construct grand Yagna arena on the northern banks of river Sarayu, order for strict observances prescribed in the sacred scriptures and customs followed by ancestors, this auspicious event should be promoted and conducted by the Kings with strict austerities, though it’s extremely difficult task to perform.  The demons may create impediments at every stage of the event; put all their efforts to ruin the auspicious event.  If the rituals are not performed in right manner, the destruction of performer of ritual is definite.  Therefore, this ritual shall be conducted faultlessly with absolute adherence to the sacred scriptures.  I have absolute faith upon the illustrious Sages and Vedic Brahmins assembled will perform the task without any error.”  The arrangements for the Vedic rituals were begun in a high pace.  Once again, all the Sages & Vedic Brahmins appreciated the virtuous King Dasaratha for his enormous endeavor of undertaking Vedic rituals for the welfare of his Kingdom and its people.  King Dasaratha returned to his palace with his men and the Vedic Brahmins & Sages returned to their places. 
Jai Sriman Narayana !!