Thursday, 20 March 2014

Balakandam !! Sage Rishyashrunga’s arrival to Kingdom of Ayodhya !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Evam Sa Deva Pravara: Purvam Kathithavan Katham |
Sananthkumaro Bhagavan Pura Deva Yugo Prabhu: ||
Anapathyosmi Dharmathman Shantha Bhartha Mama Krutham|
Aahareth Thwaya Anjyaptha: Santhanartham  Kulasya Cha ||
Thatha : Swalarmkrutham Raja Nagaram Pravivesha Ha ||
Shankha Dhundhubhi Nirghoshai : Puraskruthva Dwijarshabham |
Anantha:  Puram Praveshya Yenam Pujam Kruthva Cha Sastratha: |
Kruthakruthyam Thadha Athmanam  Meney Thasya Upavahanath ||

Sumantra, Charioteer and one of Ministers of the Assembly of King Dasaratha recollects the predictions made in the beginning of Kritha Yuga by the illustrious Sage Sanathkumara who was born from the mind of Lord Brahma to the sages assembled ‘An honorable King Dasaratha born in the clan of Ikshvaku will be prominent for his righteousness, King Dasaratha will have close association with the King Rompadha/Chithraratha of Anga Kingdom.  King Chithraratha will obtain a fortunate girl child from King Dasaratha.   Later King Dasaratha will request the illustrious Sage Rishyashrunga to conduct a Vedic ritual to obtain progeny and will accomplish his desires.  King Dasaratha will address King of Anga about his decision to perform Vedic rituals to obtain progeny and his wish to appoint Sage Rishyashrunga to be in charge of the Vedic proceedings.  King Chithraratha will be extremely happy and instruct Rishyashrunga to proceed to the Kingdom of Ayodhya to conduct the Vedic rituals.  King Dasaratha will have four sons enriched with valor and virtue will be known to the entire world’.   (Shantha, Daughter of Dasaratha was the adopted child of King Chithraratha    was married to Sage Rishyashrunga).   Sumantra narrated the splendid incident to King Dasaratha. 


Sumantra enthusiastically advised King Dasaratha to invite Sage Rishyshrunga with the consent of Sage Vashishta, chief of the priests of Ayodhya also sought permission for the arrangement of fabulous conveyance facilities and assistants to follow Sage Rishyashrunga for his journey to Ayodhya .  Thus King Dasaratha left with the prominent people and ministers of assembly to meet Sage Rishyashrunga.  Shortly King Dasaratha arrived in Anga Kingdom was reverentially greeted by King Chithraratha.  King Dasaratha witnessed the Sage Rishyashrunga who has the brilliance of ritual fire seated next to King Chithrartha.  Sage Rishyashrunga was appropriately introduced to King Dasaratha with due respect and honor.  Later, King Dasaratha spent seven/eight days in the pleasant company of King Chithraratha in his palace.     Before leaving Anga Kingdom King Dasaratha spoke to King Chithraratha “ Oh! Righteous King, your daughter Shantha along with her husband Sage Rishyashrunga may proceed to the Kingdom of Ayodhya to witness the proceedings of Vedic rituals.” King Chithraratha was pleased at heart and replied ‘So it shall be’, they embraced and bade farewell to each other.    In due course, messengers were assigned to inform the arrival of Sage Rishyashrunga to Ayodhya and King’s order to embellish the city in a splendid manner, eventually magnificent decoration of streets and the city of Ayodhya took place; appropriate arrangements were made to receive the illustrious Sage Rishyashrunga and his wife Shantha.  As soon as the couple arrived in the sparkling city of Ayodhya , divine music of drumbeats & conch reverberated the entire city.  The people of Ayodhya mesmerized at the divinity of illustrious Sage Rishyashrunga, the people of entire Ayodhya was jubilant at the arrival of the Sage Rishyashrunga, and he was received with utmost reverence like Lord Indra was received Lord Vamana into the celestial world.  King Dasaratha received Sage Rishyashrunga to his palace according to the rite prescribed in the scriptures.  The arrival of marvelous couple brought immense joy in everyone.  The presence of gorgeous Shantha brought the feeling homecoming of their daughter to the ladies in the palace.  Shantha was enormously admired by King Dasaratha and all of the members of the family; she was blissfully resided in the palace with her husband Sage Rishyashrunga.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!