Sunday, 16 March 2014

Balakandam !! Sage Rishyashrunga’s arrival to Anga Kingdom !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Rishyashrungo Vanachara: Thapa: Swadhyaya Samyutha: |
Anabhishcha: Thu Narinam Vishyayanam Sukhasya Cha ||
Pithu: Sa Nithya Santhushto  Na  Athichakrama Cha  Ashramath ||
Na Thena Janma  Prabhruthi Ishta Poorvam Thapasvina |
Stri Va  Puman Va Yaccha Anyatha Sathvam Nagara Rashtrajam ||

Sumantra, one of the ministers of the assembly of King Dasaratha narrated the arrival of Sage Rishyashrunga, a true ascetic to the Kingdom of Anga.  The ministers of King Romapadha of Anga advised to bring Sage Rishyashrunga to his Kingdom to get rid of the crucial famine.  They narrated Sage Rishyashrunga who is a forest dweller, immersed in the studies of Veda and scriptures was not aware of worldly pleasures or worldly matters or the existence of women.  The courtesans were appointed to complete the mission by the ministers of the assembly and the priests with the permission of King Romapada.   The ministers were well aware of the fact that the most desired sense pleasing objects would change the mind of any ascetic, they decided to send fine attired courtesans to lure the heart of Sage Rishyashrunga and these courtesans were offered with valuable gifts for their work.  The most excellent courtesans were arrived in the woodland and settled near the hermitage of the Sage Vibhandhaga, with an intention to get a fleeting look of the ascetic Rishyashrunga, who was serene, pleased with his life was not traveled around or out of his hermitage.  He has not seen any women or men or any sense pleasing objects, he was not undertaken any expedition to country side or city in his life.  On one occasion, Rishyashrunga came out of his hermitage and observed the lovely courtesans; they were extremely marvelous looking attired in fabulous clothes and singing mellifluously.  The courtesans lustfully approached Sage Rishyashrunga and spoke ‘Oh ! Brahmin Who are you? Why you have chosen to be in the isolated woodland? We would like to hear more about you.”


The women assembled before Sage Rishyashrunga were extremely beautiful and captivating, Sage Rishyashrunga was never witnessed anyone like these attractive women in the forest.  Immediately, he had a feeling of companionship spurted in his heart and introduced him “I am an ascetic, I am Rishyashrunga, son of Sage Vibhandhaga.  You all have an auspicious look; I wish to perform veneration to all of you according to the rules prescribed in the scriptures.”  All the women with a deep inclination to witness the hermitage of the Sage accompanied him.  They were received with honor, introduced to the places of hand-wash, feet-wash and offered various fruits & juices.  All the women took great pleasure in the company and hospitality of Sage Rishyashrunga, but all had a fear of arrival of his father Sage Vibhandhaga at any moment, so they all bade farewell to Sage Rishyashrunga, they embraced him affectionately and offered him various sweets and left the hermitage.  Rishyashrunga never had the tastes of the sweets offered other than the common fruits available in the woodland.  The courtesans abruptly took leave from the hermitage of Sage Rishyashrunga with a fear of arrival of Sage Vibhandhaga and his curse.  After consuming the sweets offered by the courtesans, Rishyashrunga felt uneasy and restless.  On the very next day, Sage Rishyashrunga with extreme anxiety reached the place where he met the marvelous women.  The courtesans were overjoyed at the presence of Sage and received him with utmost reverence and great honor.  They offered various fruits to him and spoke in sweet words, eventually Sage Rishyashrunga decided to follow them to Anga Kingdom.  The moment Sage entered the city, Lord Varuna set off the much awaited downpour with pleasure.  King Romapadha approached the Sage Rishyashrunga and prostrated before him and he was received with utmost reverence and honor.  King Romapadha earnestly requested Sage Rishyashrunga to protect him and his Kingdom from the fury of his father for bringing him to the Anga Kingdom.  Shortly, King Romapadhas’s daughter princess Shantha was offered in a customary marriage to Sage Rishyashrunga.  Thus, the well respected great soul Sage Rishyashrunga lived a blissful married life with Shantha in Anga Kingdom.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!