Monday, 31 March 2014

Balakandam !! Initiation of Ashwamedha Yaga by Sage Vashishta !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Abhivadhya Vashishtam Cha Nyayatha: Prathipujya Cha |
Abraveeth Prashritham Vakyam Prasavartham Dhwijoththamam ||
Mithilapathim Shwaram Janakam Sathya Vadhinam ||
Thama Anaya Mahabhagam Swayam Eva Sussathkritham |
Poorva Sambhandhinam Jyathva Thatha: Poorvam Bhravimithey ||

King Dasaratha entered the arena where the grand Yagna was arranged, reverentially greeted the royal priest Sage Vashishta and spoke “Oh! Illustrious Sage, let the rituals be performed according to the sacred scriptures and successfully conclude the same without any impediments.  As the respectable royal priest of Ikshvaku clan, you shall conduct the proceedings of the rituals with extreme ardor.”  Sage Vashishta replied “ I  will thoroughly inspect all the proceedings of the rituals and do all that you have desired.”  Sage Vashishta summoned elderly Brahmins and Vedic scholars, proficient architects and experts in building ritual arena and skilled workers required for the construction, such as craftsmen, masons, carpenters, sculptors, supervisors, mangers etc…  It was decided to build various temporary guest chambers and abode with all the luxuries to serve the stay of Kings from neighboring cities, sanctified houses for the stay of Vedic Brahmins with all necessities including the arrangements for their food etc.., accommodation for the city dwellers, grand arrangements for the living of Kings, construction of horse stables, relaxation stalls for elephants, comfortable lodging facilities for the people visiting from various neighboring countries and arrangement of sumptuous meal for them.  Sage Vashishta narrated that the people arrived should be received with due honor, food should be served without taking into account of their Varnashrama and it should be served graciously.  Sage Vashishta advised the personnel who were engaged in the construction that whoever engaged in the construction of ritual arena should be treated with humility, respect and proper allocation of fund.    The organizers and artisans assembled were asserted that the entire work will be carried out meticulously and the workers engaged will be treated with respect.


Further, Sage Vashishta summoned Sumantra and instructed him to invite all the righteous Kings of neighboring cities with due respect and honors.  The people belonged to four Varnarshrama such as Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra from the neighboring countries should be invited with due respect.  Sage Vashishted advised Sumantra to personally invite:


King Janaka of Mithila, a righteous and valiant King who is the close associate of King Dasaratha,  

King of Kashi an affectionate and cordial associate of King Dasaratha,

King of Kekeya who is father-in-law of King Dasaratha, an elderly and virtuous along with his sons,

King Romapada/Chithraratha of Anga Kingdom, proficient archer and close associate of King Dasaratha

King Bhanumantha of Kosala & King Prapthignana of Magadha who has profound knowledge in scriptures

Kings of  Sindhu,Suvira and Saurashtra and the Kings of Southern Kingdom with all their friends and followers.


After listening to Sage Vashishta, Sumantra ordered for luxurious convoys to invite all those prestigious Kings.  Sumantra sincerely followed the orders of Sage Vashishta and travelled extensively to invite them.  The artisans engaged in the preparations of Vedic arena duly reported the work progress to Sage Vashishta.  Finally, Sage Vashishta advised everyone assembled to carry out the proceedings of grand Yaga that the deeds of dishonorable and unreliable will bring nothing other than shame to the person committed.  Shortly, Kings from neighboring cities started arriving to the Kingdom of Ayodhya with luxurious gifts for King Dasaratha was received with due respect and honor.  Sage Vashishta informed King Dasaratha about the arrival of Kings of neighboring cities and completion of Yagna preparations including the construction of grand arena.  On a promising day King Dasaratha arrived on the Yagna arena as per the advice of Sage Vashishta and Rishyashrunga.  Sage Rishyashrung entered the ritual hall accompanied by Sage Vashishta and eminent Vedic Brahmin scholars.  All the guests were present at the ritual hall; King Dasaratha along with his wives undertook the vow of ritual required before the commencement of the grand ritual. 

Jai Sriman Narayana !!