Sunday, 26 January 2014

Srimad Sundarakandam !! Lord Anjaneya narrates the happenings in Lanka!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Thathasthasya Gire : Shrunge Mahendrasya Mahabala :
Hanumath Pramukha: Preethim Harayo Jagnmuruthamam
Sa Maya Rakshasi Madhye Tharjyamana Muhur Muhu:
Ekaveni Dhara Dheena Bharthu Chintha Parayana

Jambavan, Angada and the entire armies of Vanaras requested Anjaneya to narrate the whole scenario took place in the City of Lanka.  Anjaneya heartily paid salutations to Sita and described the incident happened in Lanka.  Anjaneyas encounter with Mount Mainaka and his generosity,  Surassa, Nagamatha and triumph on her with his sharp intelligence,  killing of ferocious demon Simhika, Chayagrahi, Lankini’s ill fate in the hands Anjaneya, meeting with Sita and her distressed state at Ashoka Vatika, conversation with Sita and eventually hand over the ring of Rama and obtains Choodamani as sign of remembrance for Rama from her, destruction of gorgeous City of Lanka, battle with 8000  Kingara’s  of Ravana and their death,  battle with Jambumali, son of Prahastha, 5 chief army officials, 7 sons of minister and their pathetic death, Son of Ravana, Akshakumara’s death, battle with Indrajit and  capture with the superior Brahmasthra, conversation with Ravana, intervention of Vibhishna to protect from death sentence,  verdict of Ravana to set fire on his tail, burning the City of Lanka, worries about life of Sita amidst the burning city of Lanka and verification about the safety of Sita.    Thus, Anjaneya described wisely and precisely about the incidents that has taken place in Lanka.  Anjaneya concluded his amazing speech graciously praising the glories of Rama and the abundance of encouragements received from his subordinates.  Anjaneya describes the pathetic state of Sita in Ashoka Vatika, it irritated him to fight against Ravana, he generously praised the valor of Angada, Jambavan, Neela, Panasa, Mainda, Dvivida.  Anjaneya earnestly prays for a solution to eradicate the grief of Sita and bring solace to her.  After listening to Anjaneya, Angada prompted the idea of retrieving Sita from the custody of Ravana.  Jambavan, eldest amongst the army advised Angada to encourage and support the inclinations of Rama in the task of repossess Sita from the clutches of Ravana.  All of them were agreed to the wise advice of Jambavan and preceded their journey from Mount Mahendragiri. 

Jai Sriman Narayana !!