Thursday, 30 January 2014

Srimad Sundarakandam !! Lord Ajaneya conveyed nectar like message to Lord Rama!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Niyathamakshatham Devim Raghavaya Nyavedhayath
Drushta Devithi Hanumath Vadhanath Amruthopamam
Akarnya Vachanam Ramo Harsha Mapa Sa Lakshmana:
Nishchithartha Sthathasthasmin Sugreevah: Pavanathmaje
Lakshmana: Preethiman Preetham Bahumanadhavaishatha
Preethya Cha Ramamanodha Raghava: Para Veeraha
Bahumanena Mahatha Hanumanthamavaikshatha

Angada and Anjaneya preceded before the assembly, paid salutations to Sugriva, Rama & Lakshman.  Anjaneya declared the nectar like message ‘Sita was found’ in the Ashoka Vatika, she is in the constant thought of Rama.  Rama and Lakshmana felt extremely delightful after listening to the nectar like words from the mouth of Anjaneya.  Rama remembered about Anjaneya with high esteem. 



Angada, Anjaneya and Jambavan along with their group of Vanaras arrived at Mount Prasravana, they paid salutations to Rama, Lakshmana and Sugriva.  Anjaneya graciously narrated about the pitiable state of Sita after paying reverential obeisance to the direction where Sita resides.  He described the wretched state of Sita in mucky saffron clothes with a single plait of hair as a mark of desolation amongst the dreadful demons, absorbed in the constant thought of Rama, drained of fast and lack of sleep, turning down the lustful approach of Ravana and a firm decision to leave mortal coil in a month.  Further, Anjaneya pacifies Rama that Sita was appropriately informed about his purpose of visit and the companionship between Rama & Sugriva and was given abundance of encouragement to surpass the ongoing difficult situations.  Thus, Anjaneya gracefully handed the Choodamani which has the origin from the sea to Rama.


Rama affectionately took the Choodamani close to his heart and began wept bitterly.  Rama explains the situation where Sita received the commendable Choodamani as a gift from her father in order to embellish her beautiful hair at the time of wedding.  It was previously presented by Lord Indra as a appreciation for the propitious performance of Yagna by King Janaka.  This marvelous ornament brought the memories of King Janaka of Vidheha and King Dasaratha of Ayodhya as well.  Rama reveals his inability to live without Sita, he profusely speaks about the good nature of Sita and   urged Anjaneya to speak about the present state of her.  Anjaneya benevolently speaks about the incident of a crow happened at Chitrakoota while Rama and Sita was having pleasing times, her immense faith in the valor of Rama to protect blameless from the enemies, her comparison of Rama & Lakshman with the splendor of wind and fire, her lamentation over the ill fate and desire to annihilate Ravana by Rama’s powerful arrows.  Anjaneya pacifies Rama that she was well assured with the knowledge of arrival of Rama, Lakshman and Sugriva along with crores of mighty Vanaras in Lanka shortly to reduce Lanka into ashes and eventually the reunion of the divine couple.  Anjaneya describes about his request to Sita for a sign of remembrance for Rama and compassionate gesture from Sita providing Choodamani.  Thus, Anjaneya conveyed the message of Sita effectively.  Further, Anjaneya explains her anxiety expressed about how to cross the vast ocean of 100 Yojana that too was well clarified by providing perfect examples of the braveness of Vanaras in the army of Sugriva who had circumambulated the Universe for several times, their illustrious prowess, endowed with immense strength and sincerely committed to the command of Sugriva.   Anjaneyas informs Sita’s appeal to Rama to vanquish Ravana and exhibit his prowess.


Srimad Sundara Kanda Parayana Krama concludes with Sri Rama Pattabhisheka Sarga:
Jai Sriman Narayana !!