Friday, 24 January 2014

Srimad Sundarakandam !! Lord Anjaneya returns to Angada & Monkey warriors!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Hanumasthu Gurun Vruddhan Jambavath Pramukhasthatha
Kumaram Angadam Chaiva Sovandhatha Maha Kapi:
Sa Thabhyam Poojitha: Poojya: Kapibhishcha Prasadhitha:
Drushta Seethethi Vikrantha: Samkshepena Nyavedayith
Anjaneya observed the once beautiful city of Lanka turned into a mass inferno and the panic struck demons of huge number were running for their lives.  Anjaneya became thoughtful; an angry act of a wise person could take away the life of Acharya or anyone, an agitated person never knows what he speaks or acts, ultimately fails to recognize the difference between good and bad.  Anjaneya worried about the life Sita who resides in the Ashoka Vatika, he imagined Sita must have been burnt in the huge fire that consumed the whole Lanka, and he blamed himself for the mass destruction caused in Lanka.  He lamented over his senseless act thereby blemished the very purpose of Rama.    The whole city of Lanka has been turned into ashes, there was no place left untouched.  Anjaneya turned hysterical and thought to jump in the fire and kill himself, he felt worthless, he held himself responsible for the thoughtless act thereby ruined the task of Rama.   Anjaneya tormented with various thoughts, If Sita dies, Rama and Lakshman will not survive, and ultimately that will result in the annihilation of clan of Ikshvaku and Vanaras.  Soon, he listened to the conversations of the demons admiring Sita’s undivided devotion to her husband and divine power to remain unharmed in the wild blaze.  Anjaneya instantly realized that the massive fire unhurt him mainly due to his devotion and benevolence of Rama and Sita.  The demons were surprised to see Sita and the Ashoka Vatika was well protected, while the whole Lanka was in a horrifying state.  The above conversation of the demons brought immense pleasure in Anjaneya, he made up his mind to personally visit her in order to make sure of her status and leave.  He met Sita in Ashota Vatika safe and sound.  Sita praised his valorous act and advised him that she would appreciate Rama should reveal his prowess in the battle with Ravana and win over him.  Anjaneya affirmed the arrival of Rama with several thousand mighty Vanaras to accomplish the task.  Once again he paid salutations to Sita and prepared to leave Ashoka Vatika.  Anjaneya assumed a huge form and dived to Mount Arishta crushed under the feet of him and he took a giant leap across the ocean.


Anjaneya was dashing through the clouds at the pace of his mind with boisterous roaring gave out the appearance of Garuda in the sky.  Anjaneya’s deafening roaring reverberated in the sky as he was nearing Mount Mahendragiri.  The Vanaras assembled on the northern side could listen to the roaring of Anjaneya, they were anxious to meet Anjaneya.  Instantly Jambavan confirmed the victory of Anjaneya in accomplishing the task of Rama.  Anjaneya victoriously landed on the Mount Mahendragiri, all the Vanaras gathered around Anjaneya with their monkey acts due to their irrepressible joy.  All the happy Vanaras surrounded were presented him with various fruits and immersed in state of bliss to see Anjaneya successful in his mission.  Angada, Jamabavan and several of Vanara honored Anjaneya and took their seat.  Anjaneya started to speak “I have witnessed Sita, daughter of Janaka in Ashoka Vatika.  She is unblemished, living in the thoughts of her dearest husband, having no ornaments on her body with a single plait of beautiful hair.  She was extremely distressed due to grief, lack of sleep and food; she was clothed in a mucky saffron material.  She was surrounded by numerous demons of dreadful appearances”.  After listening to the nectar like speech of Anjaneya, the Vanaras assembled were in a state of ecstasy expressed their unmanageable happiness in various monkey acts.  Angada immensely praised Anjaneya about his valor and intelligence.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!