Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Srimad Sundarakandam !! Destruction of Madhuvana/ The pleasure garden of Sugriva !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Yaththa Madhuvanam Nama Sugrivasyabi Rakshitham
Adhrushyam Sarva Bhoothanam Sarva Bhootha Manoharam
Gayanthi Kechith Pranamanthi Kechith Nruthyanthi Kechith Prahasanthi Kechith
Pathanthi Kechith Dwicharanthi Kechith Plavanthi Kechith Pralapanthi Kechith
Parasparam Kechidhu Pashrayanthe Parasparam Kechidhu Pakramanthe

Parasparam Kechidhu Pabruvanthe Parasparam Kechidhu Paramanthe

Angada, Anjaneya, Jambavan and the huge army of Vanaras on their way to Kishkindha witnessed an amazing garden Madhuvanam, favorite garden of Sugiriva and it has abundance of various tropical fruits was well protected by Dhadhimukha, maternal uncle of Sugriva.  Seeing the garden of abundance of honey, all the Vanaras requested Angada for permission to taste the honey.  They scurried into the most beautiful garden after obtaining permission from the seniors like Angada, Jambavan and Anjaneya.  In a short while they turned the rich garden upside down with their monkey acts, (Jumping from one tree to another, sing and dancing, pushing & pulling each other, talking with no sense, some were boisterously laughing, beating and scratching each other, some of them were in fight, some of them were playing, some of them were arguing) they consumed honey at their heart’s content.  None of them were in conscious; all of them were in an intoxicated state.  Dhadhimukha approached them and got into a huge fight and retired with a brutally hurt.  All the Vanaras rejoiced at the victory of Anjaneya, they delightfully consumed honey.  Once again, Dadhimukha approached with a care takers to the Madhuvana in order to ward off the Vanaras from the destruction of the favorite garden of King Sugriva.  He tried all his efforts to protect the garden, but he was harshly beaten by Angada.  Dadhimukha with his broken shoulders, arms and thighs, fully drenched in blood fell on the ground and lost his conscious for a while.  Shortly, he decided to leave Madhuvana in the hands of Vanara and report these mischievous acts to King Sugriva.  Dadhimukha was very confident that King Sugriva never tolerates the destruction of Madhuvana and he would definitely punish the Vanaras to death.  Immediately Dadhimukha along with his guards flew to Kishkindha to inform the ruinous incident to King Sugriva.  Before long, Dadhimukha reached Kishkindha and found Sugriva along with Rama and Lakshmana.  He abruptly fell on the feet of King Sugriva.



Sugriva was taken aback at the gesture of Dadhimukha and enquired the reason for his nervousness.  Dadhimukha hesitatingly informed that the Madhuvana has been destroyed by a large group of Vanaras in the leadership of Angada, Jambavan and Anjaneya and these Vanaras were under the influence of intoxicated drink ruthlessly attacked the guards who were on duty to protect it.  Lakshmana anxiously enquired the reason for Dadhimukhas grief.  Sugriva magnanimously announced that the Vanaras sent to southern directions were returned with nectar like information about Sita which made them consume the honey from Madhuvanam.  Sugriva profusely appreciates the capabilities of Anjaneya to accomplish task successfully.  Sugriva joyously announced that Anjaneya must have located Sita, the nectar like words from Sugriva brought immense bliss to Rama and Lakshmana as well.  Soon Sugriva pacified Dadhimukha and informed him to send all the Vanaras to the assembly immediately.  Sugriva revealed their collective desire to see Anjaneya and understand the welfare about Sita.  Rama and Lakshmana in a state of ecstasy with tears of joy realized that their task is going to be successful without any further delays.   Dhadhimukha after paying obeisance to Sugriva, Rama & Lakshmana rushed to Madhuvana carrying the massage of Sugriva.  At Madhuvana all the Vanaras were in a state of seventh heaven after consuming honey at their hearts content, none of them were in a state of conscious.  Dadhimukha approached Angada and offered salutations to him and conveyed the message of Sugriva to be in the assembly with all the Vanaras immediately.  Angada amiably informed the Vanaras to be ready to leave Madhuvana and meet King Sugriva at Kishkinda.  Thus, Angada and the large group of Vanaras were swooped in the air with loud a noise.  Sugriva pacified Rama that the Vanaras under the leadership of Angada, Anjaneya and Jambavan would bring the auspicious news about Sita and they must have seen Sita.  Sugriva speaks highly about Angada, Anjaneya and Jambvan and their heroism.  Instantly, they could hear the cheerful noises of Vanaras in the sky. 
Jai Sriman Narayana !!