Sunday, 3 August 2014

Balakandam !! Rama & Lakshman’s journey with Sage Vishwamithra !! Rama & Lakshman receiving the sacred hymns of Bala & Athibala!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Thatho Vayu: Sukha Sparsha Nirajasko Vavou Thadha |
Vishwamithra Gatham Ramam Dhrushtva Rajeeva Lochanam ||
Pushpa Vrushti: Mahathi Aseeth Deva Dhundhubi Nisvanaou: |
Shankha Dhundhubi Nirgosha: Prayathey Thu Mahathmani ||
Vishwamithro  Yayou Agrey Thatho Ramo Mahashaya: |
Kaka Paksha Dharo Dhanvi Tham Cha Soumithri: Anvagath ||
The illustrious sage Vashishta narrated King Dasaratha about the fortunes Rama yet to receive from Sage Vishwamithra, after listening to the encouraging words King Dasaratha brought his children Rama and Lakshman to the hall of assembly.  Prior to their journey, Rama and Lakshman paid obeisance to mother Kausalya, father Dasaratha and revered Sage Vashishta, they blessed the children with the Vedic chants, King Dasaratha affectionately kissed Rama on his forehead and bade farewell to them.   Rama and Lakshman obediently followed Sage Vishwamithra, flowers of various fragrances showered upon them, divine drum beats and sounds of conch reverberated in the city of Ayodhya .  Rama with his charismatic looks, beautiful lotus eyes and attractive hair locks holding his divine bow followed Sage Vishwamithra and Lakshman with his bow sincerely followed his younger brother.  The two young attractive Rama and Lakshman with bows and arrows in their hands followed Sage Vishwamithra, as if the three hooded serpents, their well built charismatic physical features gave out the appearance of the incomparable twin deities Ashwini Kumaras following Lord Brahma.  The two young dynamic Rama and Lakshman in their bejeweled physique carrying bow and arrows, swords on their hands had the resemblances of Skandha and Vishakha son of Lord Shiva, followed Sage Vishwamithra, hence  this made the illustrious Sage shine like Lord Shiva.  They have crossed one and a half yojana and reached at the southern banks of river Sarayu, Sage Vishwamithra addressed ‘Oh! Rama, my children, don’t waste any time, take a handful of water to receive the sacred Hymns related to Bala & Athibala from me.  Upon receiving these sacred hymns, you will be protected from all the illnesses and weariness, attacks and potential dangers, none of the demons could harm you while you are not watchful.  By chanting these hymns you will remain matchless and unconquerable in the three worlds.  Oh! Raghava, if these sacred hymns are well practiced, you will remain matchless in your qualities like flawlessness, handsomeness, skills, excellent clarity in speech, shrewdness etc..  Bala and Athibala are the sacred hymns considered as mothers of all knowledge.  Oh! Raghava, if you keep reciting these holy hymns, you will not experience thirst or hunger.  Oh! Rama, these two sacred hymns are the daughters of Lord Brahma.  I intend to impart the knowledge of these holy hymns to you as you are the virtuous and most capable, hence receive these sacred hymns which are kept safe from the world.  Though you have possessed various qualities that are abundant in you, yet these holy hymns would yield various virtues in you.”  Rama performed ablutions and received the holy hymns from the venerated Sage Vishwamithra who was standing beside them with happy and glowing face.  Rama after receiving these sacred hymns well performed the duties of earnest disciple and shone like thousands of adityas, on that night they peacefully stayed on the river banks of Sarayu, they nestled on the sacred grass completely absorbed in the pleasing conversation of Sage Vishwamithra, eventually Sons of King Dasaratha fallen asleep.
Jai Sriman Narayana !