Sunday, 4 May 2014

Balakandam !! The appearance of Yajya Purusha !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Thatho Narayano Devo Vishnu: Niyuktha: Sur Saththamai: |
Janan Api Surana Yevam Slakshanam Vachanam Abhraveeth ||
Yevam Uktha: Sura: Sarvai Prathyuchu: Vishnum Avyayam |
Manusham Roopam Asyaya Ravanam Jahi Samyugey ||
Ithi Yethath Vachanam Shruthva Suranam Vishnu: Athmavan |
Pitharam Rochayamasa Thadha Dasaratham Nrupam ||


All the deities appealed to Lord Narayana to protect the world, Supreme Lord who was knower of all spoke “Oh! Deities, advise me about the strategies of annihilation of demon Ravana “.  The deities and Sages replied in chorus “ Oh! Supreme Lord! Destroyer of enemy! Assume the form of a human and obliterate the entire clan of Ravana in a battle.  Ravana undertook severe penance for several years praying to Lord Brahma and pleased him, eventually attained several boons including he will not have fear death from deities or demons.  Ravana always had hatred towards human race and treated them as inferior,    after receiving boons he turned too haughty and harassed the three worlds, especially women.  Thus, Oh! Lord Vishnu, his death is predicted by the hands of a human. ”.  Lord Vishnu decided to choose King Dasaratha as his father on the Earth after listening to the stirring speeches of the deities and sages; it was the moment the illustrious King Dasaratha was performing Putrakameshti Yaga desiring virtuous progeny.  Lord Vishnu took leave of Sathyaloka was eulogized by deities and Rishis.


In the meantime, a magnificent form of divine being appeared from the Altar of Fire, it was Yagna Purusha who has celestial features with the height of a mountain, has marvelous and auspicious features decorated with precious jewels, valiant like a tiger, attired in bluish red sparkling clothes, radiant face and his voice was resembled drum beat, he had the mustache and hair locks of lion.  The divine Yagna Purusha was holding a dazzling and marvelously crafted golden vessel in his hands, sparkling of the golden vessels has the close resemblance to Aditya was contained the divine dessert.  Yagna Purusha spoke in a dignified voice “Oh! King Dasaratha, I am the emissary of Prajapathi.”  King Dasaratha welcomed the divine being with folded hands and requested “Oh! Lord, welcome to you, what shall I do for you?”.  Yagna Purusha spoke “ Oh! Tigerly King, You have obtained the vessel containing the divine dessert as you have propitiated the deities.  The divine dessert prepared of utmost divinities will enrich progeny and health,  by consuming the auspicious dessert you will have virtuous progeny and the purpose of this grand ritual will be rewarded.  Hence, contribute this divine dessert amongst your chaste wives.”  King Dasaratha wholeheartedly received the golden vessel contained the divine dessert from Yagna Purusha and circumambulated him with utmost reverence; shortly Yagna Purusha disappeared from the sight.  King Dasaratha was in a state of ecstasy like a pauper obtained abundance of affluences.  Eventually the palace of King Dasaratha was lit up with beams of happiness, King Dasaratha delightfully entered the chamber and instructed queen Kousalya to receive the divine dessert to beget progeny and gave half of the dessert to Kousalya, one fourth of the remaining to Sumitra, one eighth portion to Kaikeyi and one eighth portion to Sumitra again.  In this way, King Dasaratha unevenly distributed the entire divine dessert to his wives.  The queens were overjoyed at their fortune; their heart was filled with boundless happiness.  In due course time, the queens were pregnant with their child.  King Dasaratha was jubilant seeing the sparkling and evident changes in his wives; he was always delightful like the supreme Lord Vishnu who was worshiped by Lord Indra, deities and Sages.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!