Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Balakandam !! Contribution of Celestials to assist Lord Rama & The birth of Vanaras!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Maya Vidha:  Cha  Shuram Cha Vayuvega Saman Jave |
Nayajnan Buddhi Sampannan Vishnu Thulya Parakraman ||
Asmharyan Upayajnan Divya Samhanananvithan |
Sarva Asthra Guna Sampannan Amrutha Prashanan Iva ||
Apsarasu Cha Mukhyasu Gandharvanam Thanu Sucha |
Yaksha Pannga Kanyasu Riksha Vidhyadhari Sucha ||
Kinnarinam Cha Gathreshu Vanarinam Thanu Sucha |
Sthri Jathvam Hari Rupena Puthran Thulya Parakraman ||
Thai: Megha Brindhachala Kutha Samnibhai: |
Mahabalai:   Vanara Yuthapa Adhipai: ||
Bhabhuva Bhu: Bhima Sharira Rupai: |
Samavrutha Rama Sahaya Hetho: ||
Thus Lord Vishnu attained the position as son of the righteous ruler Dasaratha, Lord Brahma addressed the deities “Let mighty and valorous assistants be formed to the blameless and valiant Lord Vishnu, who is the preserver of the Universe, let the monkey-shaped progeny of males and females equivalent to the valor of Lord Vishnu be procreated from the physique of prominent Asparas, Gandharvas, Yakhas, Pannagas, Kinnaras, Vidhadharas.  They shall be the wizards of miracles and audacious, they will have the speed of Lord Vayu, bestowed with high intelligence, knowledge of well execution of strategies, divine physique, extremely aggressive and high determination, like the deities who have thrived for the elixir of immortality”.  Long ago Lord Brahma has created Jambavan, prior to all deities as a model of creation.  The deities prepared to contribute their sons after listening to Lord Brahma.  The Sages, Siddhas, Vidhyadharas and Charanas have created valiant sons as Vanaras, Lord Indra procreated the valorous Vali who has the physique of Mount Mahendra, and Lord Surya procreated Sugriva.  Sage Brihaspathi contributed Thara, a female vanara who excels by her intelligence in the monkey race, Gandhamadhana was the creation of Lord Kubera, Lord Vishwakarma procreated Nala, Lord Agni contributed Neela who outshined in brilliance and courage, Ashwinikumaras procreated Maindha and Dwividha with marvelous appearances, Lord Varuna procreated Sushena and Sharabha formed out of loud thunder,  Lord Vayu gave birth to marvelous and adventurous Hanuman who has the swiftness of King of birds Garuda, son of Vinatha and the celestial vehicle of Lord Vishnu.  He surpassed all the Vanaras in might, intelligence and courage.  Thus deities have created numerous courageous Vanaras for the annihilation of the demon King Ravana.  These powerful, giant, and valorous Vanaras attained their growth as desired by Lord Brahma and the deities, those were male and female Vanara and bears.  Several thousands of Vanaras were procreated by deities, sages, Gandharvas, eagles, Yakshas, Nagas, Kimshupas, Siddhas, Vidhyadharas, Uragas, Charanas and  Apsaras from their bodies.  They were free to live in the woodlands, their might were equivalent to lion or tiger and they had the skill of change their appearance at their own wish.  They were great warriors, used sharp teeth and nails, giant stones and trees as their weapon.  They were mightiest to uproot the trees and mountains, they were fast and furious.  They were capable to cross huge ocean, swiftly travel through the clouds and thrash the ground with their might.  They can freely move in the woods, they scare the birds with their deafening shriek.  Thus deities have procreated millions and millions of noble Vanaras as chief of warriors who can change their appearance at their will.  These prominent Vanaras created numerous vanaras of their own were dwelled in the woodlands and Mount Rikshavatha.  All the Vanaras like Sugriva, Hanuman, Nala, Neela remained as brothers of mighty King Vali, son of Lord Indra.  All those Vanaras were proficient in war-tactics and had the might of Garuda; they thrashed the pride of lions, tigers, and venomous snakes in the woods.  Vali, son of Lord Indra protected the armies of Vanaras, and bears with the power of his arms.  The major part of the earth, mountain, woodland and ocean was occupied as the place of abode of these mighty Vanaras who were born to help Lord Rama.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!