Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Balakandam !! Sage Vishwamitra’s advice to King Dasaratha !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Swa Puthram Raja Shardhoolam Ramam Sathya Parakramam
Kaka Paksha Dharam Shooram Jyeshtam Mey Dhathutham Arhasi ||
Shaktho Hi Yesha Maya Guptho Divyena Swena Thejasa
Rakshasa Ye Vikarthara : Thesham Api Vinashaney ||
Shreya: Cha Asmai Pradhasyami Bahu Roopam Na Samshaya:
Thrayanam Api Lokanam Yena Ghyathim Gamishyathi ||
Na Cha Thai Ramam Asadhya Shakthou Sthathum Katham Cha Na
Na Cha Thai Raghavath Anye Hanthum Uthsahathey Puman ||
The illustrious Sage Vishwamithra was extremely delighted at the cordial speech of the righteous King Dasaratha.  The virtuous Sage began to speak in pleasant words “ Oh! Tigerly King, you are the most generous ruler cannot find in this Universe, born in the admirable dynasty and trained under the guidance by Sage Vashishta.  Listen to my deepest concerns carefully and take a decision truthful to your promises.  I have been striving for the spiritual benefit by conducting sacrifices, unfortunately two fierce demons in disguise causing impediments to the ritual.  At the completion of the fire sacrifices, two vicious demons Subhahu and Mareecha in disguise drenching the fire of Altar with impure materials like flesh, meat, blood etc….This repeated disaster causing me to move from one place to another unenthusiastically.  I have no intention to lose my patience during the auspicious hours of ritual and curse the demons which is against the scriptures.  Thus I request you to offer the service of your valiant elder son Rama, who is powerful, truthful to his words and has the most attractive physical features.  He is capable to eradicate the demons, thereby guard the sacrifices and he will remain under the guidance and protection me.  During this period of time, it is definite that Rama would acquire immense knowledge and become renowned in three worlds.  The two demons cannot withstand in the presence of Rama, none has the capacity to eliminate the two demons other than Raghava.  Oh! tigerly King, I would request you to consider the matter as an urgent and serious one and assure me that the two demons would be eradicated,  I am extremely pleased with the sub-lime  qualities of Rama and his capabilities that was well known to Sage Vashishta and the Sages assembled here.  I would suggest to handover Rama to me, if you wish to attain the probity of sacrifices and remain the glorious on Earth.  Oh! King Dasaratha, you may discuss the matter with the ministers of assembly and Sage Vashishta to get consent which they are ready to offer.  I would suggest sending your eldest son Rama, who has beautiful lotus eyes with me to protect the rituals for ten days would be appropriate for this situation.  I wish you should take an apt decision at the right time before the lapse of time for the sacrificial vow, not letting your heart grieved upon your decision.”
King Dasaratha was swooned over the propitious words of Sage Vishwamithra, he was completely annoyed, shuddered with extreme fear and anxiety, soon regained his consciousness and sunk down to grief. 
Jai Sriman Narayana !!