Thursday, 5 June 2014

Balakandam !! King Dasaratha refuses to send Rama with Sage Valmiki !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Uuna Shodasha Varsha Mey Ramo Rajeeva Lochana:
Na Yuddha Yogyatham Asya Pashyami Saha Rakshasai: ||
Iyam Akshouhini Sena Yasya Aham Pathi: Ishwara:
Anya Sahitho Gathva Yoddha Aham Thaira Nishacharai: ||
Imey Shoora: Cha Vikrantha Mruthyu: Mey Asthra Visharadha:
Yogya Rakshoganai: Yoddhum Na Ramam Nethum Arhasi ||
King Dasaratha became inconsolable after listening to Sage Vishwamithra, soon he regained his sense and spoke “Oh! Revered Brahmin, my son lotus eyed Rama is less than sixteen years old.  I have not seen any militaristic aptitude in him to battle against the demons.  I have numerous skilled warriors in my Akshouhini Sena and I am the person in command of them.  I am ready to encounter the demons with my full fledged army.  The warriors in my Akshouhini Sena are valorous, proficient in the usage of armaments are appropriate to battle against the horrendous demons. It would be inapt to take Rama with you to battle against the hideous demons.  As long as I am alive, I am all alone with my bow would be capable to annihilate the demons/Nishacharas and protect your sacrificial rituals.  I would like to personally present and protect your rituals; it would be inappropriate to take Rama with you because he is a youngster has not attained any princely education, he is totally unaware of the strength and weakness of his opponent, he is not proficient in the usage of weapons, he has no knowledge about the war field and he has no equivalent powers of demons.  Moreover, it is definite that the demons would utilize deceitful means to win over their enemies.  Oh! Brahmin with best of the vows, I am incapable to live without Rama even for a moment.  Hence, I suggest that it’s inappropriate to take away Rama with you.  Otherwise, if you wish to take Rama, you can take me along with my four eminent troops/Chathuranga Sena to lead Rama. Oh! Koushika/Vishwamithra, I have waited 60,000 years to have Rama in my life; it is unfair to take Rama to a place full of dangers.   I have abundance of affection for all my four sons and I have special fondness to Rama as he was born as the eldest in the family, so it’s unfair to take Rama with you.  Oh! Illustrious Sage, What is the might of these demons? Who are they? Whose sons are they? How repulsive are they? Who is protecting them?  Oh! Brahmin, advise myself, Rama and my army of warriors, how to retaliate these demons and the required war tactics in detail. ”
Sage Vishwamithra answered “There is a demon Ravana who was born in the clan of Sage Pulastya, he is extremely valorous after attaining several boons from Lord Brahma.  He is the chief of the clan of demons, he turned out haughty after obtaining innumerable boons, eventually he and his associates started harassing the three worlds mercilessly.   He is the son of Sage Vishravass and younger brother of Lord Kubera.   Ravana is not against the rituals and its proceedings, but the two mighty demons Mareecha and Subhahu assigned by him causing all impediments to the sacrificial rituals.”
King Dasaratha spoke “Oh! illustrious Brahmin, you are the knower of probity, you are our preceptor,  please show mercy on my child Rama and an unfortunate person like me, I myself is not certain to vanquish the demon, so how it would be possible for Rama to confront these hideous demons?  Even the Deities, Dhanavas, Gandharvas, Yakshas, Pathaga and Pannagas are incapable to conquer the valorous demon Ravana, how it’s possible for a human to defeat him? Oh! Eminent Sage, I am powerless to battle against the most valorous demon Ravana.   My entire forces of armies, my children and myself would be inadequate to conquer him in the war field.  My godlike son Rama is not prominent in war tactics, he is the one going to protect me from the hellish tortures of the world of sonless father and therefore I am helpless to spare my son.  The mighty demons Mareecha and Subhahu who are creating impediments to the rituals must be the descendents of Sunda and Upasunda.  My entire forces of armies will battle against the mighty demons Mareecha and Subhahu.  I and the members of my family request you to pardon us for not keeping my promises.
Sage Vishwamithra, son of Kushi was besieged, fuming with rage after listening to the disgraceful incoherent words of King Dasaratha.  His face has the resemblance of ritual fire in which innumerable oblations are offered into it.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!