Thursday, 6 February 2014

Balakandam !! Lord Brahma’s divine instruction to Sage Valmiki !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Naradasya Thu Thadhvakyam Shruthva Vakya Visharadha:
Pujayamasa Dharmathma Saha Shishyo Mahamuni: ||
Yavath Syasyanthi Giraya:  Cha Mahithale
Thavath Ramayana Katha Lokeshu Pracharishyathi ||
Yavath Ramasya Cha Katha Thwath Krutha Pracharishyathi
Thavath Urdhvam Adha: Cha  Thwam Math Lokeshu Nivasyasi ||

Maharishi Narada after describing the virtues of Lord Rama and the story of Ramayan to Sage Valmiki and the disciples, he was highly pleased at the hospitality of Sage, prepared to leave the hermitage.   Sage Valmiki and his disciples left the hermitage immediately after the departure of Maharishi Narada.  They arrived on the river bank of Thamasa, close to river Jahnavi.  Sage Valmiki entered into the crystal clear water of Thamasa, took a handful of water and addressed to his disciple Bharadhwaja ‘ Oh! Bharadhwaja, the sacred translucent waters of Thamasa is pleasing to heart…behold it.  Keep the vessel on the ground and provide me with the loin-cloth ‘  Bharadhwaja respectfully followed the words of his mentor.  Sage Valmiki took the loin-cloth from Bharadhwaja and keenly observed the neighboring places and the forest located.  Suddenly, Sage Valmiki’s eyes fallen on the marvelous pairs of Kroucha birds flying together calmly and fearlessly.  As he was watching on the enthralling couple, a hunter aimed at the male bird and shot it, killed instantly.  Suddenly, the female bird was left abandoned from her lovely, lusty, proud companion and lost her togetherness.  She miserably watched over the male bird on the ground soaked in blood, quivering in pain and anguish.  This pathetic sight stirred up agonizing emotions in Sage Valmiki, he painfully uttered a few verses watching on the sniveling of the female bird ‘Oh ! Nishada, you have killed the couple while they were in a pleasurable mood, this would bring ill reputation and your soul will never find peace.’  The illustrious Sage Valmiki realized that the utterance of words emerged out of acute anguish were symmetrically arranged verses of rhythmical phrases, the disciples overjoyed at the radiance in master’s face.  Sage Valmiki performed the everyday practices thinking about the verses emerged and returned to his hermitage.  Bharadhwaja, the devoted disciple of Sage Valmiki followed his mentor with a vessel full of water.  Sage Valmiki took his seat; he was completely preoccupied in the verses that he has constructed in urgency after witnessing the pathetic state of the Kroucha bird.  Soon, Lord Brahma/Loka Kartha, the four faced Lord appeared before the Sage.   Sage Valmiki was spell bound after witnessing the presence of Lord Brahma; he rose from the seat and approached Lord Brahma with folded hands.  Sage Valmiki received Lord Brahma with utmost reverences, offered Padhyam/Arkhyam/Asanam/Vandhanam, washed his feet and offered best of the drink available to quench his thirst.   Lord Brahma accepted the hospitalities of Sage Valmiki and advised to take a seat before him, but Sage Valmiki’s mind was not free from the thought of the Kroucha birds.  The Sage could not retrieve his mind from the incident happened, the cruelty of the hunter who killed the Kroucha bird that caused immense pain to its soul mate.  He involuntarily sang the same verses brooding over the heartbreaking incident.  Lord Brahma spoke “ Oh ! Brahman, you shall render the legend of righteous/Dharmathma Rama and the personification of the Supreme Lord/Bhagavath which is heard from Maharishi Narada.  You shall compose the prowess of Rama, the various adventures of Rama & Lakshman, Rama’s victory over the evils and the plight of Sita etc.. Whatever myth that has happened in their lives would be pleasing and highly meritorious.  Moreover, every single word of this great epic would be noticed.  This great epic will flourish as long as the mountains and rivers exist on Earth.  And you will succeed in the land of celestials, heaven and in the Brahma Loka.”  After saying so, Lord Brahma vanished from the sight of Sage Valmiki.


Sage Valmiki and his disciples repeated the verses in a state of ecstasy.    Sage Valmiki constructed the equally lettered/Samaksharou, four-footed/Chathurbi: Ya: Padhou verses were repeatedly pronounced by everyone turned into marvelous verses.  The illustrious sage Valmiki affirmed that he will compose the great epic Ramayan.  Sage Valmiki composed hundreds of enthralling verses, meticulously incorporated with proportioned words which provides meanings semantically and free-flowing.  This great epic contains simple and versatile union of phrases that are beautifully interweaved will illustrate the story of the legend of Raghu Dynasty – Rama and his victory over the evil ten headed demon Ravana.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!