Friday, 14 February 2014

Balakandam !! Lava & Kusha assigned to recite the epic of Ramayan !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Praptha Rajyasya Ramasya Valmiker Bhagavan Rishi: |
Chakara Charitham Kuthasnam Vichithra Padmam Arthavath ||
Chathur Vimshathi Sahasrani Slokanam Ukthavan Rishi : |
Thatha Sarga Shathan Pancha Shat Kandani Thatha Utharam ||
The illustrious sage Valmiki composed twenty four thousand enthralling verses of Srimad Ramayana and taught them to Lava & Kusha, sons of Goddess Sita & Lord Rama.  The two divine children beautifully recited the great epic before the sages and Rishis, they attained immense success in their presentation of the same.  Rama met the children on the streets of Ayodhya singing and praising the glories of Rama and Sita, eventually the children were taken to the Palace of Ayodhya.  All the ministers of assembly, members of the royal family assembled before the grand hall to listen the recitation of these children.  These divine children captivated the attention of entire assembly with their proficiency in reciting the legend of Sita.   Rama turned out inconsolable listening to the glorious verses describing the miseries of Sita, instantly he regained serenity and engrossed in it. 


Sage Valmiki splendidly described the enchanting verses about Rama’s retrieval of the Kingdom of Ayodhya.  The great epic of Ramayan contains 24,000 verses in Six Chapters/Kandas in Six books with an end piece.   After the composition the great epic, the illustrious Sage Valmiki was anxious about the thought that who would be capable to recite the glorious verses.   Instantly, Lava & Kusha, attired in the ascetic lived in the hermitage came forward and reverentially touched the feet of Sage.  These virtuous children had mellifluous voice; they had profound knowledge in Veda.   The great epic Ramayan was rendered in two sections, the primary part depicts the virtues of Sita /Sitacharitham and the secondary part was annihilation of Ravana/Poulastya Vadham.  These enchanting verses has various emotions like love, affection, miseries, humor, anger, fear of anxiety and valor  were set into fine tunes of the string instrument with beautiful rhythm was sung by the divine children Lava & Kusha.  The celestial Gandharvas of stunning personalities danced to the tune of this masterpiece while Lava & Kusha, the adorable children of Rama who had striking charisma of Lord Vishnu sang mellifluously.  They memorized the entire epic of Ramayan and flawlessly performed before the Sages, Rishis, Scholars etc.. and the holy men gathered shed tears of joy in a state of ecstasy.  The Sages & Rishis immensely praised the performance of the children; they captured the entire attention of the audiences with their mesmerizing performance.  The holy men showered them with their humble contributions like vessel/Kamandalu, deer-skin, sacred thread, girdle of maunja grass, hatchet, saffron cloth, bundle of fire-wood, wooden plank to sit and some of them recited Vedic hymns for their longevity.   This heavenly music pleasing to the ears reverberated on the streets of Ayodhya and it was widely appreciated.  Rama met the two children who has celestial voice and charisma, invited them to the Palace of Ayodhya.  Lava & Kusha was welcomed in the palace with great honors.  Rama took seat on the grand golden throne in the huge assembly Hall; he was surrounded by various ministers of assembly.  Rama addressed to his brothers Lakshmana, Shatrugna and Bharatha ‘Let us wholeheartedly listen to the recital of these two divine children’.  Thus, Lava & Kusha mellifluously sang the great epic of Ramayan, a marvelous composition which has the quintessence of Veda/Gayatri Mantra with a perfect tune to the string instruments.  The admirable rendition of the great epic by these divine children stirred the souls assembled in the hall.  Rama spoke ‘I am fortunate to listens the legend of Sita through the splendid performance of saints like Lava & Kusha, who has possessed majestic physical features.’  Though often the myth of Sita put Rama into a state of grief were controlled perfectly, the two genius children with all those inspiring words of Rama continued to recite the Margavidhan/Specific part of the composition meticulously.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!