Thursday, 26 December 2013

Srimad Sundarakandam !! Lord Anjaneyas’s visit to The Grand Palace of Lanka !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!


Sa Nirjithya Purim Shreshtam Lankam Tham Kama Roopinim
Vikramena Maha Theja Hanuman Kapisathama:
Sa Hema Jamboo Natha Chakravalam Maharha Mukthamani Bhooshithantham
Parardhya Kala Garu Chandanaktham Sa Ravanantha: Puramavivesa

Anjaneya entered the city of Lanka placing his left foot, as an indication of intimidation to Ravana.  Anjaneya kept moving through the wondrous city, observing its astonishing sceneries, the beautiful mansion filled with the laughter and happiness, sounds of music and instruments, gorgeous women well dressed in their sparkling clothes, some of the demons were practicing fight, there were mighty demons with their shield on,  group of beautiful women enchantingly moving around with their heavy jewels tangling on their body made unusual sound, there were houses filled with Vedic hymns and rituals, all those stunning visuals made him cheerful, confident and optimistic once again.  Some of the Brahmin Rakshas were performing rituals with all those optimistic looks of matted hair locks.  There were demons with one eye, with no ear, pot bellied with ogre look, twisted teeth, horrific and disfigured appearances, long haired with different weird physical features and complexions.  Anjaneya witnessed the marvelous mansions of  Prahastha, Mahaparsva, Kumbhakarna, Vibheeshana, Mahodhara, Virupaksha,Vidhyujivha, Vidhyunmali, Vajradhamshtra,Shuka, Sarana,Indrajeet, Jambumali, Sumali, Rashmiketha, Suryashatru, Vajrakaya, Doomraksha, Sampathi, Vidhydrupa, Bheema, Khana, Vighana, Shukana, Vakra, Shada, Vikata, Brahmakarna, Damshtra, Roma, Yuddhomatha, Maththa, Dhwajagreeva,  Athikaya, Chaksha, Vidhyudhjivhendra, Hasthimukha, Akambana, Karala, Pisccha, Shonithaksha, Devanthaka, Naranthaka, Kumbha, Nikumbha, Ugravakthra, Ghora, Ghorarava, etc… Finally Ajaneya approached the grand palace of Ravana and its long golden door ways protected by hundredth thousands of mighty demons with fierce weapons.  At last Anjaneya entered the grand inner pathways of Ravana’s palace made of gems and precious stones.  Anjaneya keenly observing all those unique features of the demons moving throughout the wide patio engrossed in their passion.  Some of them were thoroughly enjoying their meal of various species; some of them were totally intoxicated and pouring ridiculous languages.  Some of the demons were sleeping with their wives, some were lustfully following others, some of the women were applying sandal paste on their body, some of them were wrapped up with their lovers and some of them were dancing and singing to the tunes.  Some of the intellectuals with good appearances and virtues were discussing about the scriptures, some of them were good speakers, and these virtuous demons were surrounded by their lovely wives absorbed in sweet talks.  There were gorgeous females of golden complexion inappropriately dressed attracted to males making lovely gestures.  Anjaneya observed attractive women of splendid physical features gracefully walking through the palace.  Unfortunately, Anjaneya did not witness Sita, a good natured, timid and virtuous wife of Rama.  There was no one he come across lamenting at the separation of dearest husband in that grand palace, Anjaneya turned grief-stricken.



Anjaneya entered the well protected palace of Ravana and mesmerized at the heap of wealth and classy chambers and unexplainable beauty of it.  The grand kitchen filled with the utensils of Gold and the continuous supply of honey and meat of various species of animals.  Anjaneya noticed Ravana’s the most gorgeous chamber that was unparallel in nature filled with all the luxuries and most classy things in the universe. 
Jai Sriman Narayana !!