Thursday, 26 December 2013

Srimad Sundarakandam !! Lord Anjaneya’s search for Goddess Sita continues!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Thasam Ekantha Vinyasthe Shayanam Shayane Shube
Dhadharsha Roopa Sambannamaparam Sa Kapi:Striyam.
Mukthamani Samayukthair Bhooshanaissu Vibhooshitham
Vibhooshantheemiva Cha Swashriya Bhavanothamam.
Gaurim Kanaka Varnabha Ishtam Antha:Pureshwarim
Kapir Mandhodharim Thathra Shayanam Charuroopinim
Sa Tham Drushtva Maha Bahur Bhushitham Maruthathmaja:
Tharkkayamasa Sithethi Roopa Youvana Sambadha

Anjaneya walked through the spacious inner hall of several Yojans inside the marvellous palace of Ravana searching for Sita.  Anjaneya have witnessed the most precious and classy things all through his ways.  He could see the most delicious meals and drinks served attracted him, the men and women dressed in various types of lavish clothes assembled were under the influence excessive drinks, some of them were gambling and some of them were sleeping, the entire place gave out an appearance of vast ocean with various attractive aquatic animals and deadly creatures.  Anjaneya was mesmerized at the beauty of the palace, for a moment he was compelled him to think of Abodes of Lord.  Gorgeous women were moving around gracefully in their lavish clothes and precious jewels adorned all over their body.  Ravana was having pleasurable times with the beautiful women surrounded in his grand chamber filled with fragrances, looks like the moon surrounded by the stars.  Anjaneya witnessed the stunning women surrounded him were totally miss placed their attire and jewels, some of them were sleeping with their instruments in their hands, some of them were intoxicated and speaking  weird languages while asleep, some of them were sleeping like swan, there was a cluster of beautiful women sleeping on one another’s lap.  Ravana majestically lying in a huge classy bed of precious metals decorated with gems and precious stone, all the beautiful women from the superior classes of Brahmanas and Gandharvas were captured by him either with his strength or charisma was immersed in lustful acts with him.  These women were highly intellectual, possessed all the qualities for a virtuous wife and a lover.  Anjaneya felt awful at the thought of searching Sita in an inappropriate place, affirmed to himself that chaste wife of Rama, the honorable women on Earth will remain unblemished forever.


Anjaneya meticulously observed Ravana, extremely attractive with beautiful earrings, long arms and legs, excellent physique, attired in most beautiful clothes, sandal paste and fragrances smeared all over the body with exquisite jewels was resembled like Mount Mandara.    Anjaneya moved closely to watch Ravana, the tusk mark of Airavatha (Lord Indra’s celestial vehicle, white elephant) was visible on his arm and the mark of hit of Vishnu’s dice, the best women in the Universe was serving his needs.  Ravana was sleeping; his mouthful of air has the special fragrances of Vakula, Punnaga, Chutha etc..  was dissolved in the atmosphere.  The beautiful women were exhausted sleeping with their various musical instruments like Maduka, Pataha, Mridangam, Veena, Flute, Padma, Dindima, Adambara, etc.. and no one was bothered to sleep properly with their clothes or jewels on their body.  Suddenly, Anjaneya noticed an extremely beautiful woman with most beautiful clothes and precious ornaments sleeping in a classy posture.  Anjaneya mistook it was Sita, he delightfully kissed his tail and he was in a rapture occupied himself in all kinds of monkey acts.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!