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Yuddha Kandam !! 128. Sri Rama Pattabhisheka Sarga:/ Coronation ceremony of Sri Rama !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Shirasyanjalimathaya Kaikeyanandha Vardhana : |
Babhashey Bharatho Jyeshtan Ramam Sathyaparakramam ||
Poojitha Mamika Matha  Dhaththan Rajyamidham Mama |
Thaddhadhami Punasthubhyan Yaya Thvamadhadha Mama ||
Dhooramekakina Nyasthamrushabhena Baliyasa |
Kishoravadhgurum Bharam Navodumahamuthsahe ||
Veeravegena Mahatha Bhinna: Sethurivaksharan |
Dhurbandhanamidham Manye Rajacchidhramasamvrutham ||
Gathim Khara Ivashvasya Hansasyeva Cha Vayasa: |
Nanvethumuthsahe Deva Thava Maragamarindhama ||
Bharatha, delight of Kaikeyi, began to speak to the valorous Rama, his elder brother by holding hands together above his head, “Oh! Rama, you have followed my mother’s words respectfully and provided me the Kingdom of Ayodhya, in the same way I am returning it to you.  I cannot carry the burden anymore, like a young ox could not sustain the load, which was carried by a bull.  The weak points in an administration of a kingdom are difficult to be controlled, like a broken dam with water seeping through its cracks.  Oh! Arindhama,/destroyer of enemies, Rama, I am not capable to follow you and it would be like a donkey follow the rush of a horse, or like a crow take up the chase for a wild goose.  Oh! Mahabhaho, Rama, it is like a tree planted in the backyard, grown big with its leaves and branches, flowers and fruits, would yield its results to whom planted the same, therefore the same logic is applicable to you too.  You can understand its meaning; you are the Master capable to rule over the servants.  Oh! Raghava, let the whole world witness your coronation ceremony, when the sun glowing with its splendor in the hours of noon.  You may relax now and wake up to the divine sounds of the musical instruments, and the tinkling sounds of ornaments worn on the waists and anklets along with the melodious music.  Look after the Lordship of the world as long as the world exists and the planets revolve around it.”  Rama, who conquered the cities of enemies, after listening to the words of Bharatha, replied to him “So be it” and took a seat on the auspicious place.  Shortly, at the instruction of Shathrugna, skilled barbers were encircled Rama to remove his hair locks.  Bharatha, Lakshmana, Sugriva, Lord of Vanaras and Vibhishana, King of demons were took bath.  Rama bathed after removing the hair locks, he was adorned in flower garlands, attired in a grand clothes, was smeared in sandal paste and various fragrances all over the body, stood elegantly with great splendor.  The valiant and appealing man Shathrguna, supporter of Ikshvaku Dynasty, made arrangements for the coronation ceremony of Rama and Lakshmana.  The virtuous widows of King Dhasharatha, were decorated Sita, delightful Kausalya who is very much affectionate to her sons, beautifully decorated the wives of Vanaras too.  Sumanthra, charioteer, appeared before the assembly with the brilliantly decorated chariot which has the splendor of Lord Surya, by the order of Shathrugna, eventually long armed Rama, conqueror of enemies, ascended on it.  King Sugriva and Hanuman who has the splendor of Lord Indra, Lord of celestials, were adorned in grand attire and stunning ear rings, were followed Rama.  Sita and wives of Sugriva were decked in various precious ornaments, moved out as if they were longing to see the city of Ayodhya.  The priests and ministers of assembly were engaged in serious discussion about the coronation ceremony.  Ashoka, Vijaya and Siddhartha were discussed about the prosperity of the city of Ayodhya and Rama’s progress.  The ministers advised the priests “The coronation ceremony of virtuous Rama, who is worthy of triumph should be conducted in a grand manner with all the auspiciousness.” and left the city of Ayodhya to meet Rama.  The virtuous Rama/Anagha, ascended on the excellent chariot like Lord Indra, it was pulled by green colored horses, moved through the city.  Bharath took up the reins of the horses; Shathrugna held parasol above the head of Rama and Lakshmana held Chamara for fanning Rama,  Vibhishana, King of demons stood with a white fan nearby Rama, shone like Lord Chandra.  All the deities, Sages, Maruthganas eulogized Rama, followed by reverberation of auspicious sounds.  Sugriva, foremost among Vanara was mounted on the elephant Shathrunjaya, looked like a mountain.  All the Vanaras were assumed the form of attractive humans and decked in various precious ornaments were mounted on nine thousands elephants.  Rama, foremost among men, was accompanied by various divine musical instruments, proceeded to the City of Ayodhya.  The people of the city of Ayodhya witnessed Rama, excellent chariot warrior, mounted on the marvelous chariot accompanied by various assistants.  They offered reverential salutation to him was properly responded and followed the virtuous Rama who was already surrounded by his brothers.  Rama who was encircled by sages, ministers, priests, Brahmanas and people of Ayodhya was excelled like Lord Chandra among the stars.  Rama was surrounded by divine musicians with various musical instruments, he was followed the men with the auspicious yellow rice on their hands, cows, maidens and Brahmans holding sweets in their hands.  Rama described about the closest association with Sugriva, valor of Hanuman and mighty Vanaras devotion and dedication, to his ministers.  The people of Ayodhya were astonished after listening to the achievements of Vanaras and power of demons.  Rama described the meeting with Vibhishana to his counselors; ultimately entered the splendid city of Ayodhya which was packed with wonderful people and Vanaras.  There were flags hoisted in extreme happiness, palace was decorated in a grand manner, Rama entered in the marvelous palace which was previously occupied by the Kings of Ikshvaku Dynasty.  Immediately after entering in to the palace, Rama offered salutation to  Kausalya, Sumithra and Kaikeyi, and spoke mellifluously to righteous Bharatha “ Provide the marvelous palace of mine with Ashoka garden, constructed with various precious gems to Sugriva for his stay.”  Bharatha dutifully hold the hands of Sugriva and led him to the palace, after listening to Rama, some of the men’s were carried oil lamps, mattresses at the order of Shathrugna.  Bharatha who has great splendor, spoke to Sugriva “ Oh! Prabho, kindly order your messengers to make arrangements for the coronation ceremony of Rama.”   Sugriva handed a four vessels decorated with jewels to four leaders of Vanaras “Oh! Vanaras, be ready with the waters from four oceans filled in the jar, and wait for my further command on tomorrow in the early hours of dawn.” The virtuous Vanaras who has the size of elephant darted to the sky at the speed of King of birds.  Jambavan, Hanuman, Vegadharshi and Angadha, brought waters from the five hundred rivers, enthusiastic Sushena brought water filled in the ornamented vessel from the ocean located in the eastern side.  Rishabha brought water from the ocean located in the Southern side, covered with red sandal wood.  Gavya who has the speed of wind, brought water from the ocean situated in the western side, and virtuous Nala who has the speed of Garuda and Lord Vayu, brought water from the ocean located in the northern side.  Shathrugna duly informed about the auspicious water which was intended for the coronation ceremony of Rama brought by the foremost among Vanaras to the chief priest, Sage Vashishta.  The illustrious Sage Vashishta along with Brahmins, made arrangements for the ornamented seats for Rama and Sita was occupied by them.  The chief family priest Sage Vashishta, Vamadeva, Kashyapa, Suyajjna, Gauthama, and Vijaya consecrated the tiger among men Rama with the fragrant and crystal clear water as the Ashtavasus to thousand eyed Lord Indra, Lord of celestials.  Sage Vashishta, with all the officiating priests, ministers, warriors and merchants assembled were sprinkled the auspicious water enriched with medicinal herbs on Rama, while the four deities of guardians of the Universe and all the deities were present.   The grand coronation ceremony took place, splendid crown which was adorned by the Emperor Manu, Kings followed in his line was successfully adorned, studded with precious jewels, created by Lord Brahma, dazzling with splendor, safeguarded in the assembly hall, decked in various charming ornaments and riches, was crowned to Rama by the chief priest Sage Vashishta while the priests officiating the ceremony of coronation.  Shathrugna held white charming parasol, Sugriva, Lord of Vanaras cling to white whisk, Vibhishana, King of demons held whisk like moon.  Lord Vayu presented a magnificent golden garland of hundred lotuses on behalf of Lord Indra, Lord of celestials.  During the grand ceremony of coronation of virtuous Rama, there were celestials Apsaras and Gandharvas performed.  On this delightful occasion of coronation of Rama, Earth was flourished with various crops; trees were packed with fruits and flowers.  Rama/Manujarshabha, foremost among men, offered various charity to Brahmins, he had given hundred thousands of horses, cows, bulls etc .  He offered thirty crores of gold coins, various ornaments and garments to Brahmanas.  Rama offered Sugriva a beautiful golden gem studded idol that has the brilliance of golden shaft of light.  The most delighted Rama offered Angadha, son of Vali, a marvelous ornament worn on the arm/armlet decked with precious gems.  Rama offered an excellent pearl garland to Maithili/ Janakanandhini decked with precious gems and ornaments has the resemblance to the ray of moon, later that was offered to Hanuman, after repeated glance on her husband and the Vanaras assembled and receiving information through the gesture from her husband “ Oh! Subhage/Bhamini, Sita, offer the pearl necklace to the Vanara, who has the brilliance/Thejas, dhrithi/Firmness, Yashu/prominent, Dhakshyam/Dexterity, Samarthyam/competence, Vinayam/Modesty, Nayam/prudence, Paurusham/virility, Vikrama/Prowess, Buddhi/intelligence and whom you have pleased with the above qualities.”  Instantly, Sita handed the magnificent pearl necklace to Hanuman, foremost among the Vanaras, who adorned in the necklace shone brilliantly in the beam of moonlight, as a mountain covered in white cloud.  All the elderly Vanaras were honored with ornaments and grand clothes.  Rama, destroyer of enemies offered things according to the inclination of Maindha, Nila and Dvividha.  Rama,/Aklishtakarmana, unwearied of action, honored Vibhishana, Sugriva, Hanuman, Jambavan and all prominent Vanaras with abundance of gifts.  All of them returned delightfully to their abodes, the way they have been to Ayodhya.  The excellent Vanaras, offered sincere salutation to Rama and returned to Kishkindha.  King Sugriva, chief of Vanaras after witnessing the grand coronation ceremony of Rama, returned to the city of Kishkindha.  The righteous Vibhishana, after obtaining the treasure of Ikshvaku Dynasty/Kuladhanam  was followed by the foremost among the demons returned to the city of Lanka. 
The righteous Rama, destroyer of enemies, wisely ruled the Kingdom with great delight, addressed to Lakshmana, “ Oh! Dharmajja/Lakshmana, Rule this Earth with me, as it was ruled by our ancestors, with the help of powerful army.  I shall install you as the crown prince like me, to bear the regime borne by our forefathers.”  Lakshmana was refused to the repeated advice of Rama, later Bharatha was consecrated as the crown prince of Ayodhya.  Rama performed various Yagnas and Yagas and propitiated deities, by Paundarika, Ashwamedha, Vajapeya and various sacrifices.  Rama wisely ruled the city of Ayodhya for ten thousand years, performed hundreds of horse sacrifices, and various charities were performed.  Rama who has long arm, broad chest and charismatic, ruled the Earth with Lakshmana as his companion.  Rama propitiated the deities by performing various sacrifices with his sons, brothers and relatives.  While the regime of Rama, there was no widows, there was no danger from wild animals, or any calamities or fear of illnesses.  There was no burglary, no one felt miserable or depressed about the youngsters.  Everyone was happy and full of virtues, animals will not kill others, and people lived for thousands of years with their progeny, free from grief and illnesses.
Ramo Ramo  Rama Ithi  Prajanam Abhavan Katha: |
Ramabhootham Jagathbhoodhrame Rajyam Prashasathi ||
During the regime of Rama, the people were highly praised Rama, Rama, Rama, and the whole world praised the glories of Rama.  The trees were over flown with flowers and fruits in all seasons, there was abundance of monsoon, with pleasing wind.  Brahmanas, Kshathrias, Vaishyas and Shudhras performed their duties sincerely without any greed.  While the regime of Rama, the people lived an honorable and righteous life, all of them were enriched with excellent qualities, virtuous and worked for the country for thousands of years.

Whoever reads, or listens to these glorious verses conceived by the illustrious Sage Valmiki, enriched with righteousness, will attain longevity, fame, victory and relieved from all misfortune.   Whoever listens to the glorious coronation ceremony of Rama would attain virtuous progeny, wealth, and victory and overpower enemies, attains sons like Rama to Kausalya, Lakshmana to Sumithra and Bharatha to Kaikeyi, and live happily with their children and grandchildren for several years.  Listening to the great epic of Ramayana and the victory of Rama, who is tolerant of action, would bring longevity.  Whoever listen to this glorious verses composed by Sage Valmiki, with devotion and dedication would overcome all the difficulties.  Whoever listen to poetical verses of Sage Valmiki, would meet their relatives after a long absence, receive abundance of boon from Rama, all the deities will be pleased to them.  Whoever sincerely listens to these glorious verses in their house would remove all obstacles, a king conquers the Earth and an individual living away from the home will be peaceful, young married women give birth to virtuous children.  Whoever reads the glorious verse would be relieved from all the sins and attain longevity.  This great epic should be listened regularly by Kshathriyas after offering sincere salutation with their head bow down to Brahmins, there is no doubt in that the listener and leader of this great epic Ramayana would attains Lordship and virtuous progeny. Whoever reads or listen to the great epic Ramayana regularly, would attain the grace of Rama, whoever envision Rama before their eyes as Lord Vishnu who is the remover of sins, has the abode of milky ocean, reclining on the serpent Anantha as Lakshmana,  He is Lord Vishnu, Lord of preservation, who is the primordial deity and  whoever narrates the myth which has happened long ago in the same manner without any fear would live happily with the blessings of Lord Vishnu.  All the deities get appeased by reading and listening to this glorious myth of Ramayana, and forefathers will be pleased.  Whoever narrates the myth of Ramayana would attain the heavenly abode of Lord Vishnu.  Whoever listens to verses of highly meaningful, auspicious, with rich poetical values would be blessed with abundance of prosperity, wealth, appropriate companion and all the happiness.
Kudumbavruddhim Dhana Dhanya Vruddhim | Sthriyascha Mukhyah Sukhamuththam Cha |
Shruthva Shubam Kavyamidham Mahartha | Prapnothi Sarva Bhuvi Charyasiddhim ||
Whoever listens to the glorious myth of Ramayanam, would be blessed with virtuousness, intelligence, longevity, health, fame, fraternity, intelligence, welfare and brilliance.
Ayushya Arogyakaram Yashasyam |  Soubhrathrukam Buddhikaram Shubhamscha |
Shrothavyamethanniyamena Siddhim | Shakhyanmojaskaramruddhikamai: ||
||Ram Ram Ram||
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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Sundarakandam !! 68. Seetha Samashvasa Kadhanam / Hanuman narrates how Devi Sita was pacified by him !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!

Atha Aham Uththaram Devya Puna: Uktha:Sasambhramam |
Thava Snehan Naravyaghra Souhartha Anumanya Cha ||
Yevam Bahuvidham Vachyo Ramo Dhasharathi: Thvaya |
 Yaya Mama Apnuyath Sheegram Hathva Ravanamahave ||
Yadhiva Manyse Veera Vasaikaham Arindhama |
Kasmishchith Samvruthey Dhesho Vishrantha: Sho Gamishyasi ||
Mama Cha Apialpa Bhagyaya: Sannidhyath Thava Vanara |
Asya Shokavipakasya Muhoortham Syath Vimokshanam ||
“Oh! Naravyakhra ,  Devi Sita has shown respect to me out of affection and devotion to you, while I was preparing to leave, Devi Sita narrated about the further course of action .  “Rama, son of King Dhasharatha should be precisely informed, so that he can defeat Ravana in the battle and get me back, as early as possible. Oh! Arindhama, If you are willing, stay for a day in a secret place and leave tomorrow after relaxing. Oh! Viryavan, due to your presence my enormous grief has come to an end for a while; it will besiege me once again the moment you leave.  I am completely miserable due to the grief and agony one after another.  Oh! Harishvara, Oh! Vira, I have a light apprehension about the Vanaras and bears that are your helpmates, and how they can cross the vast ocean with Rama and Lakshmana? You, Garuda and Lord Vayu has the capabilities to cross vast ocean.  Oh! Vira, therefore the strategies you have conceived may cause difficult to accomplish the task.  You are indeed a prominent Vanara and you are aware of how to achieve any task.  Oh! Paraviragna, You alone are capable to accomplish the task.  Your way of execution of the task and achieve its results are marvelous.  If Rama vanquish Ravana and his entire army and take me back to his city triumphantly, that would bring glory to him.  Rama should not take me away without the knowledge of Ravana, the way Ravana abducted me in the absence of valorous Rama.  If Rama, conqueror enemies, fill the entire city of Lanka with powerful arrows and take me back to his city, that would be worthy of him.  Therefore, you assist Rama in such a way; he could expose his matchless prowess to Ravana in the battle field.”  I realized the appeal of Devi Sita was most appropriate and honest, I replied “ Oh! Devi Sita, King Sugriva, Lord of Vanaras and bears, excellent among Vanaras endowed with valor is determined to protect you.  There are multitudes of Vanaras enriched with valor and prowess to rush to anywhere as they have desired, they are sincerely committed to the command of Sugriva, there is no hindrance for their movements on the sky or ground or across the sky or ground, they have possessed the splendor to perform any herculean task.  These illustrious Vanaras with their strength and assistance of Lord Vayu, have circumambulated the whole Universe for several times.  Some of the Vanaras are equal to my strength and some of them are superior to me, there is none inferior in the army of Sugriva, I have crossed the mighty ocean of hundred Yojana, not to mention about the mighty Vanars in the army of Sugriva, superiors will not assigned with the minor tasks.  Oh! Devi Sita, kindly stop lamenting, those mighty Vanaras with a giant leap will be in the City of Lanka very soon.  The lions among men, Rama and Lakshmana, who has commendable valor and strength, can ascend on my shoulder to reach you, like Lord Aditya and Lord Chandra.  You can witness, Rama, destroyer of enemies, similar to lion and Lakshmana wielding his powerful bow, approach the entrance of the city of Lanka very soon.  In a short time you can witness the mighty Vanaras in multitude, with their sharp nails and teeth as their weapon, has the size of elephants and having the prowess of lion and tiger.  You will hear the clamoring sounds of the multitudes of Vanaras like mountain and clouds in the Mount Malaya, in the city of Lanka.  You will witness the valorous Rama, destroyer of enemies, returns from exile and crowned to the throne of Ayodha.”  I have pacified Devi Sita with pleasant words, after listening to my soothing words, Devi Sita/Maithilathmaja, became calm.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Sundarakandam !! 67. Seetha Vachana Anuvadha:/ Hanuman describes the messages of Sita !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Yevamuktha: Thu Hanuman  Raghavena Mahathmana |
Seethaya Bhashitham Sarvam Nyavedhayatha Raghave ||
Yevamukthavathi  Devi Janaki Purusharshabha |
Poorvam Vruththam Abhijjanam Chithrakoode Yaya Thatham  ||
Sukha Suptha Thvaya Sardham Janaki Poorvamuththitha |
Vayasa: Sahasa  Uthpathya Viraradha Sthanandhare ||
Paryayena Cha  Suptha: Thvam Devi Anke Bharathagraja |
Puna: Cha Kila Pakshi Sa Devya Janayathi Vyayam ||
Hanuman after listening to the words of virtuous Rama, began to narrate all those words spoken by Sita “Oh! Purusharshabha, Rama, Devi Sita described all those incidents happened in the Mount Chithrakooda long ago.  Janaki who was peacefully drifted to sleep by your side, suddenly got up by the chasing of a crow which tried to tear her flesh from chest with its pointed beak.   Oh! Bharathagraja, you were fast asleep on the lap of Devi Sita for a while, that crow came back and tormented the princes once again, it tore her breast severely and you suddenly got up from sleep, drenched on the blood gushed out of her wound.  Oh! Paramthapa, Rama, you were peacefully lying on her lap was disturbed by the wild act of the crow.  Oh! Mahabhaho, seeing her in a pathetic state, you were hissed like serpent in extreme rage and spoke “ Oh! Bhiru,/bashful who dared to commit such a crime to you? Who is playing with a fuming five hooded serpent?”  Suddenly you have noticed the crow parching around Sita, with its nail drenched in blood and flesh.  It was the son of Lord Indra, Lord of celstials, which resides in the mountain peak and has the speed of wind.  Oh! Mahabhaho, you were fuming with anger, took a sacred grass from the bed of grass, you have infused the Brahmasthra on it, that blazing sacred grass capable to destroy the whole Universe was hurled on the crow.  The sacred grass began to chase the crow, which approached Lord Indra, Sages and Rishis, unfortunately it did not find any protection from the sacred grass of Bhramasthra, and eventually it moved around the three worlds seeking protection.  Oh! Arindhama, ultimately the crow appeared before you seeking refugee on you.  Though it deserved to be killed, you have shown mercy to the crow and provided shelter, protected the crow which was fallen before you.  Oh! Raghava, since it was impossible to diffuse the Brahmasthra, you have plucked the right eye of the crow which was deserted by Lord Indra, Lord of celestials and Sages and was roaming around the three worlds was ultimately protected by you.  Oh! Raghava, who is excellent wielder of bow, valiant, righteous, why you are not utilizing those vicious weapons against these demons? None of the Nagas or  Gandharva, or Maruthganas, are  capable to conquer you in the battle.  If that powerful Rama is eager to protect me, let him kill the wicked Ravana in the battle with his powerful arrows.  Why Lakshmana, destroyer of enemies and foremost among men born in the Raghu Dynasty is no willing to protect me,  after obtaining orders from his brother Rama?  Why these two powerful and competent brothers, excellent among men equivalent to Lord Vayu and Lord Agni, capable to conquer the celestials, ignoring me?  There is no doubt that I have committed a severe sin which made the two brothers Rama and Lakshmana, destroyer of enemies, though capable are not paying attention to me.” After listening to the heartbreaking words of Vaidhehi in tears, I replied to that venerable Sita as follows “  Oh! Devi, Rama has grown indifferent due to the grief of separation from you.  Listen to my truthful words, Rama is completely besieged with sorrow, and Lakshmana too tormented with grief.  Oh! Anindhithey, kindly provide me a sign of remembrance which could recollect your memories to Rama and make him happy.  Those two faultless princes are eager to see you; they are capable to reduce Lanka into ashes.  Oh! Vararohe, Rama will kill Ravana and all his relatives in the battle and he will take you to his city of Ayodhya very soon.”  Oh ! Mahabala Rama, after listening to my words, she took notice of the surroundings and untied the divine ornament Choodamani from her attire and gave it to me. Oh! Raghudhvaha, Rama, after obtaining this divine ornament, I have offered my sincere salutation with head bow down to venerable Devi Sita, I have hurried back to reach you.  Seeing my preparations to leave, Sita/Janakathmaja with tears overflowing, she was in a miserable state, frightful, choked to speak, she was afflicted with intense grief began to speak “Oh! Hanuman, make inquiries about the welfare of Rama and Lakshmana, Sugriva and his ministers, and all the elderly Vanaras,  you have to assist mighty armed Rama to clear all the difficulties, so that he can help me to cross the ocean of sorrow.  Oh! Haripravira, kindly narrate to Rama about my grief and sorrows and the threat from the horrible demons.  Have a safe journey!”  Oh! Illustrious princes/Nriparajasimha, Rama and Lakshmana, I have delivered all those sorrowful messages of venerable Sita to you.  Listen to me carefully, Sita is sound and safe.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Sundarakandam !! 66. Seetha Abhibashitha Prashna:/ Rama’s enquiries about Sita !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Yevamuktho Hanumatha Ramo Dhasharathathmaja: |
Thama Manim Hrudaye Kruthva Prarurodha Salakshmana: ||
Thama Thu Dhrushtva Manishreshtam Raghava: Shokakarshitha: |
Nethrabhyam Ashrupoornabhyam Sugrivam Idhamabraveeth ||
Yayaiva Dhenu: Sravathi Snehath Vatsasya Vatsala |
Thaya Mama Api Hrudayam Manirathnasya Dharshanath ||
Manirathnam Idham Dhaththam Vaidhehya Shvashurena Mey |
Vadhookale Yaya Baddham Adhikam Moordhni Shobhathey ||
Rama, son of Dhasharath who was stood close to Lakshmana, after listening to the words of Hanuman, took hold of the divine ornament Choodamani close to his heart and wept bitterly.  Rama was tormented with extreme grief with tears over flowing, began to speak “The cow spills its milk from udder with extreme love and compassion at the very sight of its calves, my heart too melts with compassion at the sight of this divine ornament which was presented by my father – in - law to Vaidhehi, at the time of our marriage, that was tied around her hair, in such a way it has added its splendor.  It was found in the water, was presented by Lord Indra, Lord of celestials, who was highly pleased at the Yagna performed by King Janaka.  Oh! Saumya, Sugriva, after witnessing this precious jewel it reminds me of my father and King Janaka, King of Vidheha, it looks splendid on the hair of my beloved Sita, it reminds her and her presence as well.  Oh! Saumya, Hanuman kindly narrate the messages of Vaidhehi, daughter of King of Vidheha, describe me in your mellifluous words like water to a thirsty person.  Oh! Saumithrey, what could be more painful to me, I am witnessing the jewel found in water, in the absence of Sita.  Oh! Saumya,  If she can survive for another one month, I understand she is surviving for long,  Oh! Saumya, I cannot continue to exist even for a moment without the black-eyed Sita, take me to the place where my beloved Sita has been found.  I cannot pause even for a moment after knowing her whereabouts.  How is my virtuous and attractive wife Sita, who is always shy, living with the dreadful and wicked demons all around her? Her face like autumn moon which liberates the darkness, must be dull now.  Oh! Hanuman, tell me precisely about the messages of Sita, I will stay alive after listening to that, like a ill person live on medicines.  Kindly describe me about the messages of my gorgeous consort, who is good natured, speaks mellifluously and has beautiful waist has been separated from me.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Sundarakandam !! 65. Abhijyana Kadhanam Choodamani Pradhanam Cha/ Hanuman handed over the Choodamani to Rama !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Thatha: Prasravanam Shailam They Gathva Chithrakananam |
Pranamya Shirasa  Ramam Lakshmanam Cha Mahabalam ||
Yuvarajam Pura: Kruthya Sugrivam Abhivadhya Cha |
Pravruththam Atha Seethaya: Pravakthum Upachakramu: ||
Ravananthapurey Rodham Rakshasabhi: Cha Tharjanam |
Rame Samanuragam Cha Ya:  Cha Api Samaya: Kritha: ||
Yethath Akhyanthi The Sarva Harayo Rama Sannidhou |
Vaidhehim Akshatham Shruthva Rama: Thu Utharamabraveeth ||
Kva Seethavarththey Devim Katham Cha Mayivarththey |
Yethanmey Sarvam Akhyath Vaidhehim Prathivanara: ||
All those Vanaras arrived in a well flourished Mount Prasravanam, keeping Angadha and elderly Vanaras at forefront; they offered sincere salutation with their heads bow down to Rama, Lakshmana and Sugriva respectively.  They narrated the distressed state of Sita who was surrounded by dreadful demons, her persistent thoughts about her beloved husband Rama and the verdict of wicked Ravana, to Rama.  After receiving nectar like message about Sita, Rama replied “Where is Devi Sita? How is she? Oh! Vanaras, explain more about Vaidhehi.”  All the Vanaras urged Hanuman who was well aware of the state of affairs to speak about Sita, shortly Hanuman, son of Lord Vayu bowed his head towards the direction of Devi Sita with utmost reverence, and began to speak “Oh! Rama, I have crossed the ocean of hundred Yojana wide and arrived at the southern shore where the abode of wicked Ravana , City of Lanka located. I have resumed my journey with an intense desire to search for Sita, daughter of King Janaka.  I have located virtuous Sita in the abode of Ravana, she was immersed in the thought of you.  I have witnessed her in the middle of Pramadhavanam, surrounded by dreadful female demons; she was guarded by these horrific demons, constantly threatened by them.  Oh! Vira, Devi Sita who deserved to live happily with you, is emaciated with extreme grief.   Oh! Rama, I have witnessed her in a wretched state, with a single plait of hair,  she was miserable, immersed in the thought of you, settled on the ground, she has discolored limbs like lotus flower withered in the winter, rejecting all the pleas of wicked Ravana and she is determined to give up her life.  Oh! Anagha, Rama, I have gained her confidence after describing the glories of Ikshvaku dynasty.  I have described the reason of my arrival in the abode of Ravana, she was happy to hear about the alliance between you and Sugriva, Devi Sita is virtuous and highly devoted you.  Oh! Purusharshaba, I have found the illustrious Mahabhaga Janakanandhini enriched with devotion and dedication to you.  Oh! Raghava,/Mahaprajja, she has given me a sign of remembrance and narrated the incident of a crow took place in the Mount Chithrakooda, and Janaki spoke the following words to me.”  “Oh! Vayusootha, inform Rama that all you have witnessed here.  Kindly offer the precious ornament, Choodamani which was well protected to Rama, while Sugriva listening to your words.  This divine ornament was well guarded by me; describe the incident that Rama had painted my cheek with the vermillion, when the former mark was vanished.  This divine ornament has the origin from the sea is sending to Rama, which was enthused me during my hardships, as if I am witnessing Rama.  Oh! Dhasharathmaja, I cannot survive more than a month.”  Sita who has the power of severe austerities, emaciated with utter desolation, retained in the Ashokavatika, keeping her eyes wide open like a dove, continued “ Oh! Raghava, I have described the whole incident, let a bridge be constructed across the vast ocean.”  The two princes were extremely delightful and confident after obtaining the Choodamani, in this way Hanuman pacified Rama and Lakshmana and conveyed all those messages of Devi Sita.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Sundarakandam !! 64. Hanumath Agamanam / Hanuman’s arrival to the city of Kishkindha !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Sugrivenevamuktha: Thu  Hrushto Dhadhimukha : Kapi: |
Raghavam Lakshmanam Chaiva Sugrivam Cha Abhyavadhayath ||
Sa Pranamya  Cha Sugrivam  Raghavou Cha Mahabalai |
Vanarai: Sahithai: Shoorai: Dhivam Yeva Uppapatha: ||
Sa Pravishto  Madhuvanam  Dhadharsha Hariyoothapan |
Vimadhan Uddhthan Sarvan Mohamanan Madhoodhakam ||
Sa  Than Upagamath Veero Badhva Karapudanjalim |
Uvacha Vachanam Shlakshanam Idham  Hrushtavath Anangadham ||
Dhadhimukha after listening to Sugriva, offered his humble salutation to Rama and Lakshmana, shortly he sprang up in the sky with his valiant associates.  He arrived in Madhuvanam and noticed that all those mighty Vanaras are in a state of intoxication, he offered salutation with folded hands and the courageous Dhadhimukha cheerfully spoke to Angadha “ Oh! Saumya, the guards of Madhuvanam obstructed your access to the garden due to ignorance; do not keep any bitterness in you.  Oh! Mahabala, Angadha, we have committed a mistake, you are the prince of Kishkindha, it is your pleasure garden.  Oh! Anangha, I have informed your uncle about your arrival with mighty Vanaras.  Your uncle was extremely happy to hear about it, he did not get upset about the ruin of Madhuvanam.  King Sugriva, Lord of Vanaras, your uncle was so pleased and informed all of you to return to his abode.”  Angadha replied after listening to the gentle words of Dhadhimukha, “Oh! Hariyuthapa, Oh! Paramthapaha,/destroyer of enemies, I presume Rama must have known about our arrival, therefore it is unfair to make any further delays, after the accomplishment of task.  The Vanaras are relaxing after consuming honey to their hearts content, we shall visit my uncle soon, I am obedient to you, and I shall follow whatever the opinion of the leader of Vanaras.  I am not a master, though I am crown prince of Kishkindha, it is unfair to act as chief of you who have accomplished the task.”  The Vanaras were pleased to listen the good-natured words of Angadha,  they replied in chorus “ Oh! Rajan, who would speak like you, although you are the crown prince? Everyone speak about their supremacy with arrogance.  It is worthy to listen to your modest words; your humbleness speaks about your future aptness for the prosperity.   All of us are waiting to see King Sugriva, Lord of Vanaras.  Oh! Harishreshta, we are honest to our words, we cannot move forward without your command.”  Angadha ordered the Vanaras to begin their journey, immediately all those Vanaras sprang up in the air with great speed and loud noise, Angadha and Hanuman at their forefront.  In the meantime, Sugriva spoke to lotus eyed Rama who was afflicted with grief “ Be clam, happiness to you.  They must have located Devi Sita, otherwise they do not have the courage to come back after the stipulated time.  Angadha, long armed prince, excellent among the Vanara does not have the courage to appear before me after ruining a task, if they did not finish the task, Angadha will be in a miserable state, and if he is not happy, he will not engage in the ruin of the marvelous garden Madhuvanam, which was received as boon and well protected by my father and grandfather.  Oh! Rama, splendid son of Koushalya, be calm.  It is definite that Sita must have located by Hanuman, who is proficient in the execution of tasks.  Oh! Rama,/Mathisaththama, Hanuman has the qualities to accomplish any task with intelligence, vigor and perseverance and has the splendor of Lord Aditya.  There will be no misfortune where Jambavan and Angada as the commander of army and Hanuman as perpetrator of the task.  Oh! Rama, Amithavikrama/matchless prowess, do not visualize troubled thoughts,” At that moment, Sugriva could hear loud noises of extreme delight by the  Vanaras as if proclaiming the triumph of the task, approaching the City of Kishkindha,  Sugriva stretched his tail in extreme delight listening to the clamoring sounds of the Vanars in the sky, keeping Angadha and Hanuman at forefront all those Vanaras arrived with an intense desire to witness Rama, ultimately landed before Sugriva and Rama.  Hanuman offered his salutation bowing his head down to Rama and informed that Devi Sita is in constant thought of Rama and healthy.  After listening to the nectar like words of Hanuman “ I have located Sita” Rama and Lakshmana was in a state of bliss.  Lakshmana looked at Sugriva with compassion and reverence, was true to his prediction about Hanuman.  Rama, annihilator of enemies, looked at Hanuman with high respect.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!